Some people, maybe even you, think they aren’t ‘good at manifesting’, or creating miracles in their life. Not so. Every person, INCLUDING YOU, infallibly manifests whatever you predominantly hold as the picture in your mind. Always! But here’s the problem. Few people (perhaps 1-2%) are actually aware of what they’re focusing on. When you learn to be intentionally aware, you will gain a power that will blow away your obstacles, and literally align your vibration with…..


……EVERYTHING you have EVER asked for.


If you would like the results and experiences mentioned below, YOU MUST learn how to align your thoughts and energy vibrations with what you WANT rather than what you don’t want or what you continue to experience. If you continue to LOOK at ‘what is’, you will continue to manifest MORE of ‘what is’.


Now that you’re grown, YOU CAN AND DO decide who you are and what you want to be or do or have. If your parents somehow communicated to you that you can’t be or have what you want, you don’t have to keep believing it!


Again, this involves awareness and training your mind to EXPECT and believe something different. As long as your expectations and limiting beliefs are unconscious, they control you. Become aware of them, WATCH how they create your life and if they don’t serve YOU, they fall away.


I created this fabulous 30 day step by step attunement that will slowly and easily SHOW you how you’re creating and attracting EVERYTHING that’s happening to you AND give you the ability to CHANGE things if you desire. You will learn how to think NEW limitless thoughts and beliefs. You’ll learn AND show yourself how EASY creating miracles and life changing events can be.


You will BEGIN IMMEDIATELY to see results when you change your energy, feeling and vibrations (please see below). Now over a 30 day period you too, can experience HUGE shifts in your thinking and results. You CAN create Miracles and Life Changing Events. If you can read this web page, you CAN change what you attract AND how quickly. But it is a choice.


For Things To Change For You…. YOU Need To Change
What You Believe and EXPECT!!


‘Hey Shelby,

I am sooooo very busy right now. I’m doing your 30 day miracle E-course and the Universe is sending soooo many money opportunities to me and I’m just acting on instinct all the time. I’m right now building my web site (which was one of the things on my 30-list to happen in 16 days – yeah!) AND I’m arranging a workshop in Sweden for a teacher that contacted me out of thin air!! My life is sky rocketing, and as a matter of fact I have a little trouble keeping up. But it’s A LOT OF fun. I will be back cause all of your programs and products are fabulous!


Love, Marie H from Sweden  


UPDATE – One Year Later

I’m manifesting my life as I want it. I’m now a Certified Theta-Healing Teacher and I have my own business doing that. I still work at an employer also, but I’m in the process now of receiving things that will make it for me on my own, only working for myself.

This all started with your 30 days miracle course that I attracted last year and I was in the first batch of that course.

I love receiving emails from you, they give me such good spirit. I’m also on your 3 days a week email coaching program, which I’ll never get out of! Really love your work!

Just wanted to update you on things going on 🙂


Hi Shelby,

Half way through the 30 day miracle ecourse and making forward movement. The money has been pouring in! Cash, checks, gift certificates, coupons! I’ve used some of those to go get an important reference book to help accomplish my 1 primary goal for this course, and the best news is that it didn’t cost me one penny because of gift certificates and coupons! Gotta love that.


Now, I’m formulating query letter and highlighting the new publishers I’ll make contact with. It’s coming together so effortlessly! Oh, gosh, I gotta tell you about the red truck exercise… the first day I was so into seeing those red trucks (53 the first day)!

Thanks for YOU!

Kisma R – California   



I am in the middle of the 30 day ecourse program and I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I have had several aha moments about my thoughts that are limiting beliefs. I am listening to your audios every chance I get!


I wanted help with motivation. I seemed to be the one between my husband and myself trying to motivate to go take a walk or exercise, work on the business plan, read a book, get off the couch, spend money wisely. I let go of the idea and just worked on myself. I went to the gym by myself, read at night, whatever. I turned the corner and here my husband is motivating me because he is doing everything I just listed above! He has lost almost 30 lbs. He is doing a website. He is motivating me!

I also got a new client (with payment) yesterday!


Wendy B – Texas  


Shelby, I wanted you to know that I read every email that you send. I have also enjoyed your ‘Drop of Inspiration’ for a year now. I have changed drastically since I took your E-course’. In your emails, you provide thought provoking information. Thank you for providing so much good for so many people.


Sincerely, Joy Thompson – Florida


Hi Shelby!!


This was an awesome process and really, one that I will revisit and evaluate annually. I had tons of fun with it and enjoyed sifting, sorting, exploring and experimenting.


If there is one thing I had to pick that I learned from you (and gosh! that is super hard because I learned many!) is the Power of Intention — it’s amazing how much power we have in our thoughts.


I’m super charged about what I INTEND to do within the next 12 months — you’ve been instrumental in the wind beneath my wings.


Many many thanks, Shelby — you are a blessing!

Julie Henderson – Canada   



Thank you for that very nice and inspiring email about day 1 of the ecourse! I really like you and honestly you’re the first teacher/coach I’ve really resonated with in a looong time! I seem to be too “over the top or maybe close to the edge” for most 🙂 I love your conviction and no-nonsense, bottom-line, “here’s how it works” approach! So happy to have found you!


BTW….got the first lead from a referral list I’ve been on since Oct. today! I think it’s directly connected to this Miracles Ecourse!


Thank You So Much,’

Noelle S. – Connecticut   


Hi Shelby!

I am half way through the course and I am growing like a weed!  haha No, really, I feel I have accelerated from 0-100 in just days. I feel like I have more control, more empowered, I’m more confident! There are things being attracted to me that seem somewhat bizarre when they appear but I am finding them to be just another lesson, another stepping stone on this journey. I am becoming a better human being and life seems to be embracing that and reflecting those things back to me. I am learning more everyday about myself and this fabulous Universe we live in! I am so glad to have been led to this moment… and this moment… and this one…. I love it!!  Thank you!


Love & Blessings! PAM H. – Missouri


ALL OF THESE Benefits are Included in My Creating
Miracles 30 Day Ecourse for ONLY $288.00



My Creating Miracles and Life Changing Events ecourse will be delivered daily to your email and includes LOADS of resources, exercises and ideas to change the way you view EVERYTHING. You’ll also receive mind shifting emails containing each days deliberate creation lesson for a full 30 days. Read them when they arrive, put them into practice and WATCH your results explode before your very eyes!!  ALSO a NEW ADDITION is the ability to re-start this program ANY time you desire.


I’m sincerely honest when I say this is one of my most POWERFUL programs I have ever created and the beauty of it being available immediately via email makes it one of a kind! You truly must experience it to believe it!


As you continue on your spiritual path you’ll learn that what you really need to do is UNLEARN what you’ve been taught. Nearly 96%+ of what you learned when you were young, isn’t even true. You were small and you believed your elders. NOW you can choose what you believe and what beliefs serve your success and prosperity. This program will show you step by step HOW you ARE choosing your reality, whether you like what you’re experiencing or not. This ecourse program will also show you how to CHANGE what you’re choosing (thinking about), thus changing your results.


Included In my Step-by-Step Creating Miracles Ecourse Package is………..


– Complete 30 Day Ecourse Program Including Step by Step Lessons and releasing techniques ($395.00 Value)

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ALL OF THESE Benefits are Included in My Creating
Miracles 30 Day Ecourse for ONLY $288.00


I promise you each and every lesson program will change your vibration, energy, results AND life.

Please keep me posted on your results. I soooo look forward to reading your breakthroughs!