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Worry is dangerous.........It's literally a PRAYER for what you DON'T want. Really think about the TRUTH of that for a moment. #Worry ... See MoreSee Less

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Affirmation I just gave a client. "I accept and allow ALL the good that's coming to me. Bring it!!!" Repeat 10X for best results!! ;-D ... See MoreSee Less

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[Message of Aloha] – Your Only Obstacle Is YOU!!!

ALOHA means Love, Peace, Mercy, Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye. Aloha!! I hope this email written from the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu Hawaii finds you FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS!!! ;-D We're well into Spring now. Are you planting seeds to INSURE a plentiful...

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ALOHA means Love, Peace,  Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye. Aloha!! I hope you're week has been FABULOUS so far!! It's hard to believe we're in the FINAL full week of February isn't it!!?? Before you know it, the holidays will be here!! : O CHANGE is in the...

Have you ever asked yourself WHY? I mean, WHY? Really.

I hope you're FABULOUS!!! ;-D On a personal note, today marks ONLY 25 days until I move to Hawaii. To say I'm THRILLED is an understatement!! Especially with the fall weather now here in Las Vegas!! ;-D lolol Today's newsletter is a really good one. Be sure to read it...

If you’ve worried at ALL over the last week READ THIS!!!

I have been literally INUNDATED with emails over the past week. And so today I feel the strong need to talk about worry. Do you know worry truly is? It's literally a PRAYER FOR WHAT YOU DON'T WANT! Please understand, there is absolutely NO good that can come of worry....
I have had the pleasure of experiencing Shelby’s work for over 3 years now. She has an innate ability to get to the root of your challenge with lightening speed. If you’re looking to brush through your challenges, from mindset to money, Shelby Collinge is the woman to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. The best part is that she’ll get you their in just weeks (even days, if you actually listen to her), not years. I have witnessed this personally. Rhonda Cort

Shelby is one of the most dynamic, selfless, vivacious human beings I have ever known. Her perpetual positive attitude is infectious, her joie de vivre is exhilarating and her knowledge of beliefs and mindset is top notch.

Anyone who wants to lift their business results and their spirits simultaneously would be hard pressed to find someone even remotely in Shelby’s league.

Andy O'Bryan

Shelby is a STAR player – one of the best Law Of Attraction coaches on the planet IMO.

Her positive energy is endless and she always seems to be having a great day.

If you get a chance to work with her – TAKE IT!

Bruce Muzik

Shelby is definitely an expert in solving problems! Her energy and passion in teaching the keys will help you breakthrough your problem perceptions in an easy, and yes, magically way. This is absolutely critical in laying the foundation for success. Ultimately, it will also lead to an abundant life. Julie Henderson

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