Shelby Collinge

Ascension Advisor & Cosmic Healer

Hello YOU Spiritual Truth Seeker –

PERSONAL Soul Coaching For Conscious Ascension!

Transformation happens when you tap AND alter your personal mind powers causing LASTING change both physically and spiritually. 
It’s the process of transforming your current setbacks and life challenges into the GOLD that they are!!  This is a safe place to HEAL your past OPEN wounds, BANISH your self imposed limitations, grow your SELF belief, stretch your comfort zones to achieve what you REALLY desire all while learning how to let go of the PAST (especially past mistakes and short comings) and RELEASE what no longer serves you. Every week I host a LIVE Ascension Academy Call.  It’s a 55-60 minute tele-seminar call packed with mindset changing PURE content.  And it’s super easy to attend from anywhere in the world. 

Not only do we have a weekly get together, you can submit a personal question to me and get a PERSONAL, individualized answer back every single month for FASTER soul growth!!! You can also call in and SPEAK with me privately monthly during our Q&A call-in’s to finally move past your setbacks and heal your most hurtful wounds.

A truly convenient way to uncover and CHANGE your self limiting beliefs, stories and HABITS (mental, emotional and actionable) that are literally KEEPING you from the success, positive outcomes and life changing results you so deeply desire.  Not to mention FEEL BETTER physically.  ALL of our health problems BEGIN in the mind FIRST. The ONLY things standing in your way from where you are to where you to be is YOU believing and FEELING it’s possible.  You must BELIEVE it in order to RECEIVE it.  This program will SHOW you how step by step AND keep you on track.

Membership is based on a sliding scale.  Please select a monthly price from below that resonates with your soul.  Stay as long as you’re guided.

Ascension Academy Membership Includes:

LIVE Calls are Wednesdays at 5:00pm pacific / 8:00pm eastern

50 - 60 minutes via phone, web browser, Skype, mobile or tablet.

Mp3 recording of every new call weekly instantly downloadable for repeat listening and self mastery.

Almost Instant Online Transcript of EVERY word on every new call for EASY reading on the go.

TWO Monthly PRIVATE 1-on-1 Mentoring Call In Hours - to receive private mentoring or healing from Shelby for 5-7 minutes (1 for USA and Canada and 1 for International Members, first come, first served).

Ability to submit unlimited questions via email 24 x 7 in advance of every call.

Ability to submit ONE up to 3 min audio or video question MONTHLY AND receive a video or audio response PERSONALLY from Shelby (LIMITED benefit, first come first served).

Reminder email message the day before our live training and day of to keep you on track.

Gradually HEAL your past lives karmic cords and lessons, painful mind blocks and limitations as well as relieve physical body symptoms and emotional dis-ease.

Every week build a solid foundation on spiritual surrender. Problems and setbacks happen but SUFFERING is a result of trying to control things. Learn how to UNdo that habit of control, grasping and attachment.

A brand new perspective on how to view your situation(s) for the empowerment, learning and personal stability only THEY can provide.

Custom processes and tools as needed to permeate the feeling of success while releasing the feelings and emotions that no longer serve you.

A brand new clean slate from which to move forward on every single week, building your foundation on SOLID ground.

Conveniently available on a SLIDING SCALE month to month membership (cancel any time) for PERSONAL individualized coaching. The more you put in to this program, the more you will get out of it!

Your enrollment price is GRAND FATHERED in for the life of your membership. Your personal price can never go up as long as you're a member.

Ascension Academy Members receive 15% off ANY live event, online training, webstore purchase or instantly downloadable products.

Daily Mind Toning (FREE!)

Begin each day (24 x 7 x 365) with a deeply powerful Daily Drop of Inspiration delivered electronically to your inbox.  Every day at the perfect time you’ll receive a short mental tidbit to keep you AND your mindset on track!!  You never know which bit of truth could UNLOCK your mind and release your spirit! (free)

Relationship Alchemy

From personal relationships to your relationship with money, to your body image to the relationship(s) with your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.  ANY relationship goes!!

Stress Management

ALL natural, plant based alternatives for dealing with life symptoms like stress, sleep problems, virtually ANY health setback you can think of.

LIVE Events

Deeply powerful (3) three day OCEAN SIDE group workshops on the BEAUTIFUL Leeward side of Oahu Hawaii.

What’s Ascension?
Who’s Ascension Academy For?

Ascension is literally the process of rising to another level of consciousness within your mind (i.e. the upheaval and transcending of your beliefs, thoughts, reactions and feelings) out of the 3D (or ego based) way of living and thinking to a unconditional L❤️VE state of BEing, feeling and acting.  Think of it as mining your mind for the brilliant GOLD nuggets that will UNLOCK your own personal power, soul searching freedom and profound joy and ease on this journey called life. 

Ascension Academy is a term that describes a powerful LIVE weekly training to use of your emotions, beliefs, will, and intentions to release energy for the purpose of making positive changes in your life and unleashing your AUTHENTIC self.

YOU, if you’re ready for NEW, different results and TIRED of the same old, same OLD!!

YOU, if you find that you’re struggling in the SAME areas again and again, month after month, year after year!!

YOU, if you ACCEPT that fact that if you KEEP doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve GOT!!

YOU, if you recognize that the common denominator in ALL of your troubles/setbacks/challenges is…….YOU!!

YOU, you’re READY for my Ascension Academy because with the help of your vibration and consciously asking YOU FOUND ME!! 😊

About Me

I’m Shelby Collinge!

I’ve trained and spoken in front of tens of thousands of individuals helping them identify limiting beliefs, unconscious stories and barriers to their success. I have a background and degree in Developmental Psychology, I’m a Certified Reiki Master, starseed, powerful energy healer and bring insights, intuition, energy, passion and inspiration unmatched by many.

My programs, events and services are unparalleled in offerings and new levels of transcending consciousness and deep soul understanding. Together let’s explore the many insights and ideas I bring you to make significant change in ANY area(s) of your life.

Experiential Testimonials

I have tremendous respect for Shelby and her work in Mind Magic. She supports her hefty punch with a deep well of enthusiasm, experience and knowing. I love her no nonsense approach and rich array of choice approaches to any problem. She knows big change comes from core change. I certainly got exactly what I needed!

Roshanna E.

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Shelby’s work for over 3 years now. She has an innate ability to get to the root of your challenge with lightening speed. If you’re looking to brush through your challenges, from mindset to money, Shelby Collinge is the woman to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. The best part is that she’ll get you their in just weeks (even days, if you actually listen to her), not years. I have witnessed this personally.”

Rhonda C.

“I became acquainted with Mind Magician Shelby Collinge many years ago through one of her authoritative teleseminars and, since then, have diligently kept her close at my side. Having purchased several of her products, I am familiar with her superior quality of work as well as quantity of valuable information. It wasn’t until recently that I had the extraordinary opportunity to have her work with me, one-on-one, which is where I discovered, first hand, her sincere desire and dedication to getting me the results I was struggling to obtain.”

Neil D.

Shelby is a delight to work with. She takes her time to explain everything very clearly and assists her clients in getting out of their own way. She is diligent and very much loves her work and it shows in the progress made by her clients. She is positive and uplifting, and absolute delight to work with.”

Kari R.

Shelby is a powerful woman who has helped thousands of people. Her energy is infectious, motivating and unique. I think the world of Shelby and would encourage you to get to know her.

Tom P.

Shelby is definitely an expert in solving problems! Her energy and passion in teaching the keys will help you breakthrough your problem perceptions in an easy, and yes, magical way. This is absolutely critical in laying the foundation for success. Ultimately, it will also lead to an abundant life..”

Julie H.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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