shelby collinge, thought expert, mindset expert, coaching and mentoring, thought training, positive thinking, change my life,Hello There and WELCOME!!!  I’m Shelby Collinge, and I’m a Transformation Counselor and GuideI’m so thrilled you’re here!!  I’m here to serve the needs of individuals who are looking to accept 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that’s happening in their lives, hence being able to…


create ANYTHING and

experience ANYTHING.

Basically, when you’re around me, SHIFT happens!!! ;-D

I’ve authored two best selling ebooks including ‘The 25 Rules to Relationship Marketing and How to Profit From Them’ and ‘A 30 Day Guide to Creating Miracles shelby-collinge-published-auther-walking-with-the-wise-entrepreneur-25-rules-to-relationship-marketing-how-to-profitand Life Changing Events in Your Life’, as well as co-authored best selling book ‘Walking With the Wise – Entrepreneur’.

I currently have clients in 75 countries all over the word and am internationally known the world over as a Problem Solving Expert.  I also LOVE and ADORE doTERRA essential oils!!  I use them on EVERYTHING!!!   I live on the BREATH TAKING island of Oahu Hawaii and would LOVE the opportunity to meet YOU in person if you ever happen to visit the island.  Be sure to reach out when you do.

I speak, write, blog, do radio and authored many successful magazine columns for magazines and organizations including Succeed Magazine, Mentors Magazine, Success University, SuccessTalk, Healthy Wealthy n Wise and SelfGrowth just to name a few. I do countless radio interviews around the country both online and off and my HUGELY popular podcasted show ‘Mindset Matters’ episodes were downloaded over 1,200,000 times before retiring the show in 2018!!

shelby-collinge-brian-tracy-sales-leadership-positive-thinking-mindset-expertI’ve trained and spoken in front of tens of thousands of individuals helping them identify limiting beliefs, unconscious stories and barriers to their success. I have a background and degree in Developmental Psychology, I’m a Certified Reiki Master and bring insights, intuition, energy, passion and inspiration unmatched by many.

My programs, events and services are unparalleled in offerings and new levels of consciousness and understanding. Together let’s explore the many insights and ideas I can bring you to make significant change in ANY area of your life.

To inquire on my speaking availability please contact me directly at or contact my office by calling +1 (702) 609-9762 or you may fill out the form below.


I am also available to speak virtually via a webinar or via Skype for your organization. I LOVE to leverage technology and I have some spots on my calendar that would work FABULOUSLY, if you want me to speak but maybe aren’t ready to pay my rate for a keynote, or if it’s last minute and you need something extra for your event. The difference in hiring me to do a remote presentation versus having me there in person is that I don’t mingle before and after to connect with attendees of the event or get to personally autograph books.

Beyond that, a virtual event with me is a FABULOUS way to grow your list, educate your membership, and build business.

If you want to talk more about it, fill out my contact form below and we will get back to you with the particulars. Please specify that you’re thinking of virtual event and whether you prefer a Webinar or a Skype call when you fill out the form below.

I REALLY look forward to working with you!!  ;-D


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