I’ve worked with thousands upon thousands of individuals over the years about what they BELIEVE about themselves.  What they believe about HOW success happens and most importantly……What they believe about how LONG their desires are ‘supposed’ to take to come to fruition.

Combine this real life feedback with THOUSANDS of hours of studying, reading, watching, meditating, talking, teaching, coaching, mentoring, interviewing, answering, solving, repeating and LIVING, I’ve boiled down the absolute most potent strategies and have created my FLAGSHIP program……………my Beliefectomy® Program.

EVERY single person I meet when they find out I’m a ‘Thought Healer’ says “I need one of those!” LOL.  We ALL think thoughts that are NOT positive, helpful, empowering, TRUE,  worth repeating and the question becomes………………Do you control your thoughts, or are your thoughts controlling YOU??

If I was to guess, I think you control about 19% of your thoughts.  The rest of what you’re thinking is on AUTO PILOT with a nightmare ending.  It’s not a question of IF you think negatively, it’s more a question of HOW OFTEN.  To what degree do you take your inner self hatred?


Have you EVER pondered things like…………………………..


  ELIMINATING your old, outdated, LIMITING beliefs?

 – REMOVING the old, limiting stories you inherited that seem to run your life on a sort of LAME automatic pilot?

 – ENDING your repeating health setbacks that YOU keep creating, healing, then re-creating in yet ANOTHER area?

 – STOPPING the chronic suffering you put yourself through EVERY single month once and for all?

 – How about ERASING the mental blocks you have to the success you’ve always secretly wished for yourself?

 – Would you willingly RELEASE the stagnant energy that keep success AWAY and makes struggle seem like your new normal?

 – Can you let go of your fears and lack filled stories that you’ve held on to SO tightly that you think they truly are your own?

 – Are you WILLING to allow life to be Easy, Fun, Prosperous, EnJOYable, Exciting, Rewarding and even Stress Free?

 – Are you Ready to truly FEEL Like You Can Handle ANYTHING that comes your way?

If you answered ‘YES’ to ANY of the above questions, keep reading!!



Beliefectomy® (almost 11 Hour) Program Curriculum:

(in no particular order and with limited topic description information on purpose)

  1. Self Worth – (58 minutes)
  2. Failure – (45 minutes)
  3. Imagination – (39 minutes)
  4. The Power of ‘I Am’ – (57 minutes)
  5. The Illusion of Control – (58 minutes)
  6. The Power of Your Words  – (61 minutes)
  7. The Physicalness of Things – (62 minutes)
  8. Mind Over Matter – (63 minutes)

    AND……………… THREE additional ONE HOUR+ Q&A Session Recordings


I have found that MANY individuals JUDGE topic titles and descriptions in a very limiting way.  I mean…………if you KNEW what beliefs were hanging you up right now, you’d change them right??  We don’t know, what we don’t know.  That’s the big SECRET.  So the more descriptions I’ve found I add, the more information people have to transformtry and talk themselves OUT of learning precisely what they’ve been led here to learn.

Life is a MIRROR of what you believe and even more importantly EXPECT.  Nothing turns out differently than you expect.  So if you want life to get better, YOU have to expect things to be better.  Not in some distant future date and time sort of way, but RIGHT NOW.  In this present moment.  If not, NOTHING will ever be different.  Ever.

Have you ever noticed that you can tell how you feel by how you LOOK?  For some, it’s as if they wear their emotions WRITTEN all over their face.  You know what I mean??..  When you work with your beliefs, thoughts, mindset, personality short comings and expectations it SHOWS on the outside in AMAZING ways.  Taking this program is literally like giving yourself a spiritual facelift.  You WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE in your appearance!!

I created this program so that you can finally QUESTION what you truly believe and then, with conscious eyes, choose again.  That’s the name of the game.  SEEING what needs changing under the hood, and changing it.  In real time.  For instant results.

EVERYTHING that you wish to change, changes NOW.


Here’s what just a few past participants have had to say……………….


 – What an AWESOME lesson!! SO much content!! This entire program is FULL of great content so far, and we’ve only received half of the lessons!


 – This Beliefectomy® program is truly AMAZING!!!!


 – First I love your “Imagination” audio.  It’s a milestone for great transformation, totally clearly described and so obviously powerful, but we have to do it. “What if up!” is the best sentence I ever heard and so inspiring – thank you very much – you are power-awesome. 🙂


 – I LOVE this new way of thinking!!


 – Wow, Shelby, all I have to say is these audios are AMAZING!! Just what I needed to hear!  I will be playing these on repeat so they will sink in deep.  Thank you!


 – this was such a reFRESHing program – very honest and straight forward. i love it.  i’m glad i found you.  xo


 – I will be leaving for work shortly, but I had a chance to listen to a portion of  the first two audios and I wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved what I heard.  I love your candor and am looking forward to listening to the remainder of the program.


 – I think I am really understanding on a new level that Shifting the thought over and over is what CREATES the new belief!!


AWARENESS is the first step, and the more I listen to you, the more AWARE I become of the thoughts that are not serving me, and the more I SEE my own part in everything that is happening in my life.



Beliefectomy® Program Details:

Home Study Course Delivered: arrives via email

Duration: 8 Consecutive Weeks

Includes: 8 Audio Sessions and 3 Q&A Audios (with download links), Downloadable PDF Personal Notes of EVERY lesson (for quick reference)

Program Cost:  $888

First Lesson Arrives:  Shortly after purchase


Access my 11 Hour Beliefectomy® Home Study Program for ONLY $888


This program will CHANGE the way you think about just about everything.  This is literally the PINNACLE of the last 10 years of my work.  Once completed you’ll feel empowered  to make changes in ANY area of your life at absolutely ANY time you desire.  This is extremely EXCITING if you really think about it.  You’ll finally have the control you’ve always wanted to make things happen in your life.  And the absolute best part is…………. you don’t need permission from anyone or anything to make these changes.

Life is like a boomerang.  What you put out you get back!!  This is true across the board.  If you think lack filled thoughts all day.  About how there is never enough.  About how success is HARD to achieve.  And how it’s even HARDER to keep that success……..  That’s ALL that can come back to you.  I’m always baffled at how these SAME people convince themselves that even though they’re thinking negatively all day and night long, somehow positive results will be arriving any moment.  INSANITY I say!!  That can never work.  You HAVE to change the internal conversation.  FIRST.  You can’t do it after your success, you must do it before.  Clear up your mindset and beliefs and success will naturally FLOW to you.  This program will show you step-by-step in very DEEP ways, how to do exactly that.


Access my 11 Hour Beliefectomy® Home Study Program for ONLY $888

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