Woooo Hoooo!! Happy Hump Day!!

Hi There!!

I’m having a FABULOUS morning so far. In fact my cheeks are literally hurting from SMILING so much!! Do you know the feeling?? Almost like an ache. That you’re HAPPY about!! ;-D

I’m taking the week off and just wanted to send you an email reminding you to FINISH THE MONTH STRONG. Do not give up!! Your miracle could be arriving ANY minute and if you give up and slow down before you hit the finish line, you may never get there. NOTICE the SAME old behavior trying to creep in, take over and create the SAME old results.

Your attitude is EVERYTHING!! What you tell yourself is critical. Practice being an OPTIMIST. For the remainder of the week, make EVERYTHING mean something good. Make everything mean you’re going in the right direction and that this month is YOURS.

Keep me posted on what happens!!! ;-D

I’m also THRILLED to announce that I’m adding the complete AUDIO set of every single video in my upcoming Beliefectomy® 8 Week Video Program. That means that you’ll have the download links of the videos for your success library AND the audios for listening on the go!!! HUGE $400 value!! And right now the audios are NO EXTRA CHARGE when you enroll!!

Registration is only one payment of $299 or two payments of $150 for a few more days. You can register and get ALL the details at http://beliefectomy.com

Allow this week (and the rest of this month) to be GREAT by remembering……………………….. ALL of your thoughts CREATE!!! ;-D

P.S. Check out my YouTube channel on my Move to Oahu, Hawaii later this year, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE, catch up on a few episodes and LIKE them as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/shelbycollinge I appreciate you and LOVE sharing ALL my up’s and down’s on this journey!!! ;-D

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BIG Huge Energetic Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge
xoxoThought Healer, Limitless Possibilities, Inc.http://shelbycollinge.comLet’s Connect!!


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