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Next week is technically the LAST full week in November, can you believe it? Time sure is flying these days.

Today’s mind shift message is FINISH STRONG. I find that as I’m talking with individuals there is a mental conversation that the year is over and they’re giving up FAR too soon.

The ONLY restrictions you have, YOU create by telling yourself things like……- Business slows around the holidays- Bills increase during the holidays

– No one buys in your business during ‘this time’ of year

– I’m always single around the holidays or I wish I were single around the holidays

– I can’t release weight during the holidays, I’ll gain

– etc., etc., etc………….

But realize that YOU are the one who continues to tell yourself that story and only YOU can change it.

Now is the perfect time to get a new story and a new outlook as you finish up 2016
. Look around and NOTICE what proof you have and what needs changing and CHANGE YOUR MIND about it. Wonderful things will begin to happen!!! ;-D

If you would like some help to change what is you dwell upon and expect, about 10 years ago I created a fabulously powerful 30 day program to do just that.

You can only purchase this program from my website and beginning next year I may not be offering this program by itself. But right now you CAN get my ’30 Day Ecourse to Create Miracles and Life Changing Events’ complete 30 day ecourse for only $168. I created this program with a LIVE audience and it’s by FAR one of my most enlightening courses. You will learn AND USE your mind in brand new ways! Learn about it here: http://CreatingMiraclesEcourse.com

Take this message as a definite SIGN that you CAN achieve what you want THIS YEAR! Don’ wait for the perfect moment, go for it now, you’re MORE than ready!!

Allow this weekend to be GREAT by remembering……………………….. ALL of your thoughts CREATE!!! ;-D

BIG Huge Energetic Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

Thought Healer, Limitless Possibilities, Inc.


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