I have been literally INUNDATED with emails over the past week. And so today I feel the strong need to talk about worry. Do you know worry truly is? It’s literally a PRAYER FOR WHAT YOU DON’T WANT!

Please understand, there is absolutely NO good that can come of worry. Worry will NOT make things happen faster. It does NOT make you feel peaceful, nor does it make you healthier.

Worry is a mental habit. You learned how to worry. Worry is not something we naturally know how to do. In fact, it’s natural to NOT worry. It’s natural to TRUST that all is well, that things will work out for us, but for most of us, that’s NOT what we do.

All day long there is a mental movie that’s playing on the screen of your mind. I’m here to tell you that MOST of the day that movie playing

is about what you DON’T want to happen. That’s why what you don’t want keeps showing up! The goal in ALL of my teachings is to not only NOTICE that mental movie but to deliberately choose which movie plays.

All day today NOTICE what movie is playing. Pay attention to your feelings, they are a HUGE clue as to what movie you’re watching. When you feel worry set in, CHANGE the movie. Begin to imagine everything working out. Begin to imagine a nice unexpected check in the mail. Begin feeling your absolute best. Imagine it ALL working out perfectly for you!! ;-D

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Also, tonight will be the FULLEST, largest and brightest full moon in ALL of the 21st century!! Most definitely in YOUR lifetime. Be sure to step outside tonight, stare up at Mr. Moon and GIVE HIM all the stresses, struggles and setbacks you’ve encountered thus far this years while attempting to reach your goals. Then KNOW that you’ve released them! Wake up tomorrow KNOWING that your brand new CLEAN SLATE is upon you and ACT like the successful person you now ARE!!

MAKE it a FABULOUS week by EXPECTING great things!!! ;-D

BIG Huge Energetic Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

Thought Healer, Limitless Possibilities, Inc.


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