I hope you’re FABULOUS!!! ;-D On a personal note, today marks ONLY 25 days until I move to Hawaii. To say I’m THRILLED is an understatement!! Especially with the fall weather now here in Las Vegas!! ;-D lolol

Today’s newsletter is a really good one. Be sure to read it a few times for optimum results.

I want to talk about WHY.

It’s interesting…………..As I talk with clients I can usually get them to name 100’s of ‘things’ that they want, but when I ask them ‘WHY’ they want these things, I always hear silence at the other end of the line.

And the REALLY interesting part is……………it’s the WHY that attracts. It’s NOT your list of 100 or 1000 things that you wish to accumulate or own, it’s the FEELING underneath having those things that you’re searching for. So today’s newsletter will help you more clearly identify ‘WHY’ you want these things.

I have a few questions that I want you to think about. Once you’ve read ALL the questions below, come up with 25 reasons WHY you want the things that you want. And if ANY of this seems to hard, I suggest you GIVE UP NOW on your goals and dreams. This is NOT hard but it IS thinking and that’s what MOST people fear MOST of all!!!

It’s important to push yourself to come up with 25 AND it’s doubly important to FEEL the feelings as you’re writing and thinking. It’s these very feelings that will begin to sweep through your body that will begin to attract and magnetize what you WANT to you.

Remember, It’s the FEELING that gets the blessing, so here we go……….

Think about the list of ‘things’ you desire to have or achieve. Think about having more money, better health, an ideal body, ideal relationships in EVERY area of your life, a booming business and/or career, the house(s), car(s), vacations, dinners, outfits, ALL of it.

Now then………..

– WHY do you want more money?

– What would having more money FEEL like?

– WHY do you want more clients or a more successful business/career?

– What would having a waiting list of 6 months feel like?

– Why do you want the cars, the houses, the savings accounts?

– What feelings are you searching for?

– Why would they make you happy?

– WHY do you want your physical body to improve?

– What would that FEEL like?

– How would you look?

– Why?

– What would be different in your life or on your body?

– How does that feel?

– WHY would life get easier if you had the things on your list?

– What would you delegate to someone else?

– Why?

– What would that FEEL like?

– WHY would you want a soul mate?

– How would that benefit you and your life?

– Picture yourself in the ideal relationship. How do you look?

– What’s different about you?

– How do you feel?

– WHY would you smile more if you had achieved ALL of your goals?

– WHY are you waiting to smile?

– How does smiling feel?

Now write.

Write AT LEAST 25 ‘reasons’ why you want these things. These reasons will invoke feelings from you. It’s these feelings of security, peace, knowing, easiness, joy, bliss and happiness that you’re seeking NOT the things.

YES, these things WILL possibly make you happy, but you can be happy NOW which will GUARANTEE they happen!

Read your list of 25 reasons ‘WHY’ at LEAST three times a day. If you feel your faith slipping or doubt creeping in, take out your list and READ it and re-affirm what you know and FEEL. This will become one of your most powerful tools. Because when you FEEL it, it is ;-D

GUESS WHAT………………….

Beginning on January 1st, ALL of my pricing will be changing. Every single program, product or service will be getting a refresh and a price increase. So NOW is the time to put yourself first and BEGIN moving toward your full and complete HAPPY self.

I currently offer the following:

Recorded personal One on One Sessions – 30 and 60 minutes

Success RePatterning Program (monthly program)

Mindset Masters Program (monthly program)

30 Day Creating Miracles Ecourse

Beliefectomy┬« Program – 11 hour 8 week Home Study Program

**Please Note** Monthly program pricing is GUARANTEED. Meaning whatever price you join at is guaranteed for the LIFE of your membership provided you stay current. If you have ANY questions, simply REPLY to this email and we’ll be sure to help you!!!

MAKE it a FABULOUS weekend by EXPECTING great things!!! ;-D

BIG Huge Energetic Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

Thought Healer, Limitless Possibilities, Inc.


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