ALOHA means Love, Peace,  Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye.


I hope you’re week has been FABULOUS so far!! It’s hard to believe we’re in the FINAL full week of February isn’t it!!?? Before you know it, the holidays will be here!! : O

CHANGE is in the air can you feel it?? Change has ALWAYS been my secret lover. I ADORE change and we meet OFTEN. As such I have a FABULOUS new announcement…….

As you may or may not know, I moved to Oahu Hawaii at the end of last year. In fact, I JUST celebrated my two month anniversary of living on the island. I ADORE living in Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit. I swear my former road rage when driving on the mainland has VANISHED. And it vanished immediately upon arriving here. I mean it’s been AMAZING the changes I’ve experienced. And as you know it’s change on the INSIDE that brings change on the OUTSIDE.

I will now be sending you my Aloha Message weekly. It MAY be slightly more than once a week, but I’m committing to once a week to start. It will be a mindful, thoughtful, insightful message of Aloha. I will also include a PERSONAL picture of ME and some ‘spot’ here on the island of Oahu. I will also share WHERE I am in the picture. This will commit ME to getting out and taking pictures. I swear I’m awful at taking pictures, ESPECIALLY of myself. In fact, last week on my FB Page I posted my FIRST selfie of my Monday work at home look. No kidding!! So this will be moving me out of my comfort zone while also sharing the magnificent BEAUTY of this island.

And if YOU have any ‘hot spots’ that you want me to visit and take my snap shot, be SURE to let me know!!! I would LOVE your suggestions!! This can include ANY place. Beach, restaurant, park, shopping spot, hotel, farmers market, street corner, deli, cafe, etc. This too will help me EXPLORE and get out of my own way in terms of trying NEW places!! : D I will also mention YOU when I include the picture!! HOW FUN!!! : D

My intention is to GET OUT and snap some pictures this weekend of spots while I’m out and about. I have a HUGE nail in my left back passenger tire that let me know it was there by it’s delightful ticking NON STOP while driving!!! ;-D Luckily the windows are always rolled down so I heard it quickly I believe. Ah another LOVE of living on this island. You really can’t beat the almost constant 82 degree days!!

GET EXCITED for what’s to come!! I’m BEYOND GIDDY with excitement with this new project and can’t wait for you FEEL and SEE that same Aloha spirit that called me here!!!

If you’re struggling to stay on the positive track, I offer 30 and 60 minute Thought Adjusting Sessions. Together we can deal with ALL your issues that are holding you back. AND…………You’ll find because the session is recorded and you can listen to it again and again, we only work on things ONE time. That’s ALL that’s required for HUGE shifts in results!! Find out more here:

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Remember…………..if it’s the SAME OLD you it will be the SAME OLD results. Change YOU and your results are GUARANTEED to change. That’s where I come in!! ;-D

I’ll be in touch soon!! ;-D

ALOHA!!! BIG Huge ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

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