ALOHA means Love, Peace, Mercy, Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye.


I hope this email written from the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu Hawaii finds you FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS!!! ;-D We’re well into Spring now. Are you planting seeds to INSURE a plentiful harvest??

Did you know that your ONLY obstacle is YOU!!

Yes you read that right!

“It is a true miracle when a man finally sees himself as his only opposition.”

– Vernon Howard

Some of the most profound words I’ve ever read.

Depending where you are currently on your path to consciousness you may or may not believe those words or even be ready to hear them. But if you are keep reading……..

Words DON’T teach it’s life experience that teaches. But it can only teach if you LEARN from it.

Have you noticed that there are a few areas of your life that you seem to keep repeating the SAME struggles and setbacks.? It’s like you can’t seem to get past the hurdles and break free.

THOSE are the very areas you have yet to learn from.

You may be experiencing life in those areas but you’re not learning from them. And as you’ve experienced, and will CONTINUE TO EXPERIENCE the school of life is pass or fail. it WILL give you opportunity after opportunity and circumstance after circumstance to learn that same lesson UNTIL you get the teaching.

If you have even ONE of these areas where you seem to keep circling in the same pattern month after month and year after year I have good news!

It’s called my Thought Adjusting Program and it’s EXACTLY what you need. Included is weekly one hour calls, monthly Q&A call-in, personally email me every month, daily drop of inspiration and TONS more…………….. visit:

Think of it as Manifesting 101, 202, 303 AND 404! ;-D

Also………….I’ve recently launched WEEKLY My Message of Aloha Podcast. There are now FIVE episodes for your listening pleasure and I would truly APPRECIATE you rating the show and leaving your comments. You can access it now on Itunes here:

It appears the newest episode may not be uploaded yet to Itunes but if you subscribe to the show you’ll get a notification every time a new episode comes out!! AND you can also get new podcast notifications by registering at I will send you a personal note each week when a new episode goes live!! ;-D

Visit my updated site at There you will find the programs I have to support you in ALLOWING the good you’ve been literally BLOCKING for decades now.

Remember…………..if it’s the SAME OLD you it will be the SAME OLD results. Change YOU and your results are GUARANTEED to change. I’ll help you!! ;-D

ALOHA!!! BIG Huge ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge
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