ALOHA means Love, Peace, Mercy, Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye.


I hope this email written from the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu Hawaii finds you FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS!!! ;-D I know it seems like AGES since I’ve written and I had SO much going on in my personal life that things in my business took a back seat.

I truly apologize for needing to ‘reset’, but I’m SO glad I did it. We all need a respite at times to gather ourselves and that’s precisely what I needed.

If you think you’re the ONLY one who ever has things go sideways, THINK AGAIN!! It’s not about wishing life were easier, it’s about KNOWING you can handle anything life throws at you and not lose your mind. I always tell clients that………….

Mastery of life is to be UNBOTHERABLE.

So if you think about this month so far and just how many times you’ve wanted to pull your hair out, scream out loud so the whole world can hear you, cry in a corner uncontrollably, etc., then you can begin to understand the internal growth and shifts left to do!!!

THANKFULLY things have smoothed out and my life is back to more of a ‘normal’ schedule and flow. If you want to hear more about where I was and where my time was going you can check out my Youtube Channel for all the details. ;-D

**********NOW HEAR THIS********** I’ll be announcing soon in the coming days a BRAND NEW weekly ‘get together’ online via video!! I’m SO excited to chat with ALL of you each and every week. I believe we’ll start next week so be prepared to meet on MONDAY September 18th. I’ll announce the time and ALL the details SOON!! I’m BEYOND READY!!! ;-D

I’m also thrilled to mention that my Mind Powers Program has gotten a facelift and upgrade in HUGE ways!!! : D There are now THREE membership levels to choose from which makes it SUPER powerful. You truly get to pick how you learn and just how much ‘assistance’ you desire. Be sure to check it out here:

My Mind Powers Program is the ONLY program I’m offering for the remainder of 2017. And the ‘Professional Level’ membership is the ONLY way you can get access to purchase recorded phone time by the hour.

I would LOVE to hear how things are going for YOU!! Simply REPLY to this email and share with me. I promise you I will read EVERY SINGLE response!!! I hope things are going TERRIFICALLY for you. If not, join at the Beginner Level NOW!! Success begins and ends with what you believe about yourself. What DO YOU believe about your future? Your current circumstances?? What about your ability to handle life?? I can help!!

I’ll be in touch soon with all the details for Monday!!! GET READY *|FNAME|*!!! I’m sending you ALL GREEN LIGHTS!!!


BIG Huge ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,


Shelby Collinge

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