ALOHA means Love, Peace, Mercy, Affection, Compassion, Hello & Goodbye.


I hope this email written from the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu Hawaii finds you FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS!!! ;-D

Change is Here!

If there is one thing I love above all else, it’s CHANGE!! It’s one thing you can always rely on. Things WILL be changing.

The question you want to look at today is………………. how well do you deal with change?? Is change something you embrace and run towards or do you find yourself RESISTING change and in some small way convincing yourself that things can stay the same?

Just like in nature, change is constant. It’s something that you can’t stop, so the best thing you can do is to EMBRACE change.

Like I always say, you decide what everything means. It’s time to make change mean something GOOD!! Because after all…………..if nothing changes, NOTHING changes.

And if you really think about it….change BRINGS your desires. So in reality, you WANT change. And you want it faster rather than slower. So the sooner you get a good attitude about change, the more it can do for you. But it is a choice.

Begin today. Change your attitude. Change your work environment around. Change your route to and from the office. Change which market you shop at for a week. Change who you go to lunch with. Change which websites you visit. Change where you eat out for a week. Whatever you do, CHANGE it. and then WATCH what happens!!! ;-D

I too am CHANGING things up around here!! As I mentioned last week, my Mind Powers Program CHANGED.

I’m SO excited to let go of the ‘old’ to welcome in the new. I hope you are too. After all, change is GOING to happen whether you’re ready, prepared or happy about it or not. It’s time to manage change rather than it manage you!!! ;-D

It’s going to be an AMAZING week. Know it!! Be your own cheerleader this week. Change a few things in your routine and WATCH what you’re able to manifest and accomplish!! Keep track and report back!! I’ll be waiting! ;-D


BIG Huge ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,


Shelby Collinge

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