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I hope this email written from the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu Hawaii finds you FANTASTICALLY FABULOUS!!! ;-D It’s a brand new week and you KNOW how much I LOVE Mondays!! They are always full of a sort of busy ‘magic’ that no other day of the week possesses. I ADORE Mondays. And I’m sending you a FABULOUS Monday full of magic. So be sure to do your part and EXPECT miracles around EVERY turn!!! ;-D

Now for today’s ‘Beliefs 101’ lesson.

What is a belief exactly? I personally have defined a belief as a thought that you think over and over and over again and then believe. And although that is completely true, I’ve found an even BETTER way of explaining it.

Here goes…

A belief is nothing more than YOUR tendencies. A belief is really how you FEEL and ACT in any given situation. It’s that thing that you do when you get stressed or angry.

It’s how your loved ones can predict exactly what you will say and do. At a core level they know your tendencies.

So….What’s the thing that you do when you get upset? Do you yell? Get louder? Raise your hands, get more physical? Throw things? Maybe say things you don’t mean? These are tendencies, these are your beliefs MANIFESTED.

It’s how I can look at your reality and know beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what your true beliefs are. Because your beliefs are MANIFEST right now in your world.

Look at your:

– career/job success

– relationships (both personal and business)

– body/weight

– bank account(s)

– success level year on year

– how you feel physically in your body

You can SEE instantly what your beliefs are can’t you *|FNAME|*? You can see immediately your tendencies. If you have ever struggled to understand what YOUR beliefs are and how they affect your everyday life, this is GREAT NEWS. Life is like a blue print for you to look over. The REAL question is…….

Do you like what you see?

If not, you must change your beliefs or tendencies. When you change how you ‘react’ to life, life has a different reaction on you. Makes sense right?

I hope so. When I made the connection that I can tell myself whatever I want, but the true test is in how I ACT, because this is the proof of what I believe my whole world changed. You yourself may be thinking one thing but doing another.

The DOING is your stronger belief. This ‘doing-ness’ is your tendency. So look at your life. How are you FEELING about it? What needs TENDING to? Take a good inventory right now of what you would like to change. and then………MAKE the changes in your beliefs and tendencies and watch how quickly things turn around and improve. I will SHOW YOU HOW, week by week in my Mind Powers Program!!! : D There are now THREE membership levels to choose from which makes it SUPER powerful. You truly get to pick how you learn and just how much ‘assistance’ you desire. Be sure to check it out here:

Have you been getting the same UNDESIRABLE results and the SAME repeating circumstances again and again in one or more area(s) of your life for as long as you can remember?? My Mind Powers Program is the key to getting NEW lasting results! If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. Only YOU can change your results. ONLY YOU!!!

Allow this week to be GREAT by remembering……………………….. ALL thoughts CREATE!!! ;-D

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BIG Huge ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,


Shelby Collinge

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