Point to ponder……………..How Many WEEDS Do You Think You Have In YOUR Mind Right Now??

ALOHA My Friend!!!  : D

Spring has sprung on Oahu!!  I know you’re probably thinking that it’s ALWAYS Spring here, but the plants know differently!!!  ;-D  FINALLY I have a choice of gorgeousness when it comes to my plumeria and tiare flowers on my daily walks!!!

I LOVE this time of year. There is SO much growth and CHANGE and even the newness of Spring REALLY makes me smile!!

In my neighborhood our public gardeners come every every other Tuesday and this was our visit.  Then on Wednesday of this week I noticed something that REALLY made me think………

There were now DANDELIONS and they had grown almost 9 inches OVERNIGHT!!  I mean the gardners were JUST here cutting the lawn on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning the dandelions were 9 inches tall. And guess what…….

No one planted them!!!

Dandelions grow naturally.  ALL weeds grow naturally of their own accord. JUST LIKE IN YOUR MIND!!  The weeds grow and you don’t even have to plant them. And they grow FAST.  Overnight in some cases   And guess what else………THEY MULTIPLY like rabbits, LOLOL ;-D

All they need is a little contrast (in their case WIND) and things naturally take care of themselves!  So what do YOU do with the weeds or dandelions in your own mind?  Do you tend to them?  Do you TRY to pretend you don’t have any?  Do you tell yourself that they don’t grow?  Do you believe that they won’t eventually KILL the small seedlings of your dreams and desires?

The truly MOST important question is………….Do you FERTILIZE the weeds of your mind with worry, anxiety, stress or doubt??  Honestly.

The second most important question is………..are you FINALLY ready to PULL as many of your life choking weeds as possible??

If so and you feel called, check out my healing sessions.  They’ll change you at a SOUL level.  For REALS…………  ;-D

With Spring here and Spring Cleaning in the air, TEND to the weeds of your mind!!  They grow whether we want them to or not and they WILL take over the crop if you allow them even HALF a chance!!!

Have a FABULOUS rest of your week!!  I Love YOU!!! MMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAHHHHHH   ;-D  xoxo








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