ALOHA and Happy Aloha Friday!!

Aloha My Friend!

I hope things are WONDERFUL in your life. It’s hard to believe that next week will be November!!! Doesn’t it feel like time is REALLY flying by shelby collinge, satsangs, spiritual practices, weekly satsangs, samadhi, find your true nature, tribal consciousness, tribe, remove restrictive conditions, inner patterns, fear to love, unlearn suffering, mind purification, group coaching, changing your mind, mindset, limiting beliefs, train your mind for success, depression, ending depression,lately!!…..Not to mention, there is SO much going on in the world these days. You can’t log on to ANY social media network and not be inundated with negative stories, political happenings and traumatic personal experiences.

It can be overwhelming at times to stay centered, positive and EXPECTING great things when so much around you is not going well, as you planned or as you had hoped for. And unfortunately if we don’t want to get mowed over by life, we must learn to ride or surf the waves of life, and to do that, we have to tone our mental muscles. It’s not a nicety. It’s absolutely CRITICAL we have dominion over our minds ESPECIALLY when times are tough.

I would LOVE it if you joined us this Wednesday at 5pm pacific / 8pm eastern for something that may be NEW to you. It’s called a Satsang. A Satsang is a spiritual discourse or sacred gathering. I’m really putting out the call to those who are READY to get a FIRM grip on your mind which in doing so, will serve you in UNLIMITED ways. You can find out more here:

The time is now. You’ve heard the call. Will you join us?

I’m wishing you an OUTSTANDING weekend and ALL green lights!!!

BIG HUGE ALOHA Hugs coming your way!!!


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