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Welcome to another Message of Aloha from Oahu Hawaii!! If you’re in the US Happy Thanksgiving. We have a FULL moon upon us tonight at 9:39pm pacific. AND it’s Mercury Retrograde until December 6th. LOTS of cosmic shifts are upon us and it’s an EXCELLENT time to LET GO of what’s no longer serving you.

Make a list of at least 50 things you’re grateful for. In doing so a BUNCH of things that you’re upset with will come up at the same time. This way you’ll also have a list of things to let go of tonight in the full moon energy!!! It’s an exercise that’s a two for one. One you’ll activate the GRATEFUL energy which will give you MORE to be grateful for AND Two you’ll see what comes up to let go of. Then with the list of things you DON’T want, you can ask Mr. Moon to take ALL of those problems and frustrations from you and if you feel called you can burn your list of problems. I just love a good two-fer!!

As you may or may not know I have a growing YouTube Channel where I share ALL kinds of videos on mindset, natural solutions, natural ways to HEAL yourself. I would LOVE it if you subscribed!!! (be sure to also hit the little Bell, so it lets you know when a NEW video is uploaded.) A recent video was on ‘What the BIGGEST Problem In Your Life Has to TEACH You’, you can watch it here:

I also want to let you know that in the spirit of Black Friday I’m offering a FULL 6 Night, 7 Day Trial of my Weekly LIVE Satsangs for ONLY $4!! For those of you who used to be in my Perception University, Mindset Matters or Mindset Masters Programs, you’ll LOVE my Weekly Satsangs. Think of any one of those programs, but on STEROIDS!!! lolol Every week you can ASK questions, the Satsangs are done via video OR phone and they’re recorded!!! There’s also a TON of new benefits being added at the end of next month INCLUDING a price increase. This is an EXCELLENT time to give a Satsang a try AND be grandfathered in at ONLY $49 a month!!

So if you’re NEW to my work or you’re just want to EXPERIENCE what a LIVE Satsang is like, I would LOVE it if you took a $4 – 7 day trial now. This way you’ll be on Wednesday’s Satsang at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern. Like I mentioned, this trial was created in the spirit of Black Friday so I’m not sure how long it will be available!!

No matter where you are in the world right now or whether you’re celebrating or not, I LOVE YOU. From the bottom of my heart. I’m SO glad you’re here and part of my community. 2019 is going to be an AMAZING year. We ALL secretly desire to be ourselves. Let me teach you how to LOVE being you!!! 🤙

BIG HUGE ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

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