Today’s topic is one I never honestly thought I would write about. Or even EXPERIENCE if I’m quite honest. But as you may or may not be able to relate to, life has a way of showing me TRUTHS even if I’m not asking. And well, I definitely was NOT asking when I had the realization I’m about to share with you today.

Here we go……

It FIRST started to enter my consciousness almost 16 years ago when I quit my HIGH paying corporate sales job and became an entrepreneur. After starting a corporate gift giving business called ‘Shelby’s Sensational Gifts’ (and they WERE!! ) I realized I had created a JOB and started again. (More about that another day).

Shortly after starting my professional services business I remember being on a phone call with a BEST selling author. A name you would DEFINITELY recognize. I remember how ELATED I felt to be talking with someone so successful and achieving something that I had yet to do. I was INSPIRED to the marrow of my bones and then…………………

She says ‘I’m still BROKE as hell. It doesn’t matter if you’re a best selling author or how many books you sell. There is NOT much money in selling books. It’s all a BIG marketing racket’. My heart SANK. It sank DEEP into the very core of my stomach. I was instantly extremely nauseous and VERY flushed. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. The ‘self help’ industry had been a bit of a mental SANCTUARY in my mind. Something that I thought was so PURE and loving. I mean why would people write books to SELF HELP others with nothing but good intentions.?! Right.? WRONG!!

Although there IS a bit of truth in just about every book, cd or program in the ‘Self Help’ arena there is far more that is misleading and quite possibly has been keeping the results you desire literally FROM you. I KNOW this was the case for me!!

I have a degree in Developmental Psychology because the mind and I are CLOSE. I LOVE everything to do with the mind and the way we program ourselves for the results that we get. So the thought there could even be the LITTLEST bit of corruption, mass marketing or pure greed LEADING the industry was an enigma to me!

I jumped in with BOTH feet, with my heart on my sleeve and my mind leading the way!! I was GOING to be successful. I was GOING to do whatever I had to do, to make things work. No exceptions. And what ended up happening with all of the Law of Attraction, The Secret, just convince yourself it will happen, VISUALIZE everything working out and will, etc., etc., etc., (I KNOW you’ve heard it all. at LEAST twice!! ), was AGAIN I created a JOB. I didn’t want to control everything all the time. I didn’t want to be that marketing machine. I didn’t want to use NLP and mind manipulation to get the results I needed to pay my bills. I HAD to learn another way.

A way that can be mentally painful depending on how PERMA BONDED you are to your limitations (and I was ANCHORED to mine!!!) and how WILLING you are to be a brand NEW version of yourself that doesn’t act, think and behave like you currently do around fear and change. It’s a process of spiritual SURRENDER rather than a mass action approach. It’s LIBERATING for your soul AND shockingly productive at unlocking transformational results.

Just like anything it’s a process of UNlearning the hard, grasping, make it happen, strangle your success by the neck type of being, to a SURRENDERING to that divine part of yourself that knows EXACTLY what’s it doing AND save you from TONS and TONS (and in my case TONS MORE) suffering in the process as well.

We practice and discuss this surrender process in depth WEEKLY in my Mind Alchemy Group Coaching program. Every week I’ll surprise you with a new topic CHANGING your mindset and beliefs about what’s possible for you in a way you might not EXPECT.

IMAGINE for a moment if you DID change your results with LESS work. Where you FELT happier. LESS stress. And you weren’t the one who had to DO it all.


My Weekly Mind Alchemy Group Coaching WILL change your thinking and RESULTS in positive and DRAMATIC ways!! Give it a try, you can cancel ANY time!!! You can find out ALL about it at my home page at You can now submit a personal audio or video (up to 3 minutes) and receive PERSONAL COACHING FROM ME in a reply audio or video!!! Just THINK at how DIFFERENT things could be in just a month!!!

REMEMBER………….the common denominator in ALL of your setbacks, wins, losses, triumphs, heart breaks, physical pains, emotions or feelings is YOU. When we change YOU, EVERYTHING else changes. You’re the maestro of your life. I help you stand up BOLDLY and SURRENDER to the kind of music you LOVE to hear!!!

I hope see YOU on our next Mind Alchemy Group Coaching Call!! Make it a FABULOUS rest of the week (only you can) and be sure to SMILE all day EVERY day!!! It’s SO Good for your soul!!

BIG HUGE ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,

Shelby Collinge

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