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If you REALLY read this email there is a HUGE shift in it for you!!!

I want you to picture and orange.

What comes out of an orange when you cut that orange in half and you squeeze it?  And of the course the answer you say is ‘Orange Juice’. And why does orange juice come out when you squeeze an orange? And the answer is………. because that’s what’s inside.
Sounds simple enough right? 
Does it matter WHO squeezes the orange?  Does it matter WHERE you squeeze the orange? Does it matter at WHAT TIME you squeeze the orange?  Or HOW you squeeze the orange?
Of course not! The only thing that comes out of an orange when you squeeze it is orange juice because that’s all that’s inside an orange!
So now I want you to picture you.
Imagine now you’re being squeezed by life.  Bills have to be paid, kids need to be cared for, the yard needs tending to, your relationships all need to be fixed, you don’t feel so hot and you’ve gained a few extra pounds.  You’re being squeezed in many different directions and out of you comes Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Rage, Doubt, etc.
Now WHY does Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Rage or Doubt come out of you? And the simple answer is…..because that’s what’s inside YOU!
Does it matter WHO did the squeezing?  Does it matter what TIME or WHERE they did the squeezing? Does it matter HOW tightly they squeezed? Does it matter HOW many times they try to squeeze your or for HOW long?
Of course not! All that matters is……………It couldn’t come out if it weren’t inside YOU.
They key is to NOT BLAME circumstances and events for your anxiety or bad mood. All they are trying to show you is WHAT IS INSIDE YOU
It means you’re focusing deep down on a story you DON’T WANT.  It’s a mental story that doesn’t feel good.  Take firm, deliberate control of your mind and things WILL change.
Deliberately choose your thoughts, moment by moment if necessary.  Do activities that make you smile and feel good. Talk to people who will make you laugh and LIGHTEN your mood. And think of that mighty orange OFTEN!!  It will keep you on track and PRESENT to what life is trying to teach you.

Ascension Academy Now Has a Sliding Scale.

My soul growth has been OFF the charts lately and over the last six solid months.  EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING has been thoroughly gutted, destroyed and replaced with something eye openly new and soulfully DELICIOUS.  I’m deep in the world of trusting the divine to take the lead.  I’m letting go of the ‘normal’ scarcity and grasping type of mentality that is rampant everywhere you look these days if you’re not aligned with something higher and aligning with the worthiness and love of my higher self.

During this DEEP soul process of awakening I’ve been guided to offer a sliding scale for membership into my monthly Ascension Academy.  A sliding scale makes joining a life changing program such as this EASILY accessible at any income level.  Your soul chooses how much you pay each month and there are three options to choose from beginning at $33 a month.

  • We have a weekly call every Wednesday at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern
  • Calls are of course recorded AND transcribed for deeper learning
  • PERSONAL individual audio or video responses to your unique challenges and setbacks
  • Monthly Q&A call in’s for BOTH Northern and Southern Hemispheres to get one-on-one help
  • Stay as long as your guided and you can cancel ANY time

Visit my homepage at the link below and JOIN with whichever membership resonates with you.

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