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Hi Shelby, You sure were right. The results are bigger and better than anything I could have possibly imagined. Pinole has been a wonderful move for me. My entire life feels like it has opened up with new and fantastic possibilities happening all the time.

October 10, 2015 – Randy P.

Hey Shelby!

Thank you for your amazing answer, Ive printed them both out and have in my purse so that I can read your mindset answers everyday!!

ALSO in the last few days I found out a $500 check from a job months ago is coming.

And as feedback since my first Mindset Question I got connected with a writer for a magazine I worked on and she invited me to this amazing Tim Story event in Hollywood where I was her VIP guest and met him personally before the event, that put me in a room with a lot of excellent and very successful people!! I also attracted 3 last minute jobs for recently that all paid cash on the day! Then 2 days ago on Wednesday I was requested to be a member of the Program Advisory Committee for one of the top makeup schools here in LA, so at the meeting I got to be around many excellent and highly respected people in the industry!! and also met a lady from MAC Cosmetics that I know will be an excellent contact in the future for getting product sponsorship!

Lots of exciting things are happening!!!

Thank you so much for your awesome answer!!

April 08, 2014 – Phoebe D.

Mentoring with Shelby Collinge has contributed to my success in many ways. I’ve navigated a new job and all the adjusting and new relationship forming that goes on when one is ‘new’. Shelby lasers in to my stuck and ‘old’ unhelpful patterns and beliefs and calls me out with humor, firmness and rock-solid ways to shift to more empowering thoughts.  Becoming aware of my outmoded beliefs has allowed me to let them go and move in to a life with much more joy, confidence and ease. I recommend this highly.
– March 09, 2013 – Cynthia M.

Shelby is a no nonsense, straight up truth teller.  She has brought me to my knees at times and allowed me to rewrite my stories. All the while holding me up while I get my wings adjusted again so I can fly on my own. Shelby knows how to get you to your truth and has a big heart!  (Personal Mentoring)
– February 13, 2013 – Mary Schilder

Hello there – I’m really loving this mentoring thing.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so SEEN. so OPEN. so VULNERABLE.  xo
– January 19, 2013 – Denise A.

Shelby is a powerful woman who has helped thousands of people. Her energy is infectious, motivating and unique. I think the world of Shelby and would encourage you to get to know her.
– June 17, 2012 Tom Pauley – Author/Speaker,

Shelby is definitely an expert in solving problems! Her energy and passion in teaching the keys will help you breakthrough your problem perceptions in an easy, and yes, magically way. This is absolutely critical in laying the foundation for success. Ultimately, it will also lead to an abundant life.
– March 25, 2011 – Julie Henderson

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Shelby’s work for over 3 years now. She has an innate ability to get to the root of your challenge with lightening speed. If you’re looking to brush through your challenges, from mindset to money, Shelby Collinge is the woman to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. The best part is that she’ll get you their in just weeks (even days, if you actually listen to her), not years. I have witnessed this personally.
– February 16, 2011 – Rhonda Cort – Founder & CEO, Magnetic Woman

Hi Shelby, About a year ago you and I had a couple of sessions. Since then some amazing things have happened. By rearranging some assets (that I had no idea we could or would do) I paid off my credit card I had talked to you about, bought a new car for cash and have a new career with the possibility of making extraordinary income. I have also bought a Macbook Pro that I had wanted for several months. I’m excited about renewing our relationship.
Sincerely, Mary Alice Benton

I have chatted with Shelby on numerous occassions as well as read her site and listened to her webacasts. She wakes up with a positive attitude towards life and does well to share that message. I am glad to be associated with Shelby.
– December 19, 2010 – Phil Kohen

Shelby gets straight to the point and to the core of the issues. She’s positive, confident and straightforward. Those are all big pluses in my book!
– November 15, 2010 – Stephanie Rainbow Bell –

Shelby, Thank you so much for the last coaching one-on-one call! What you said totally will change my life for the better from now on! I had a breakthrough on the concept of “knowing”. I can see how this will change my relationships without so much inner struggle or compromise. I am going to let the Universe do my compromising for me while I gently send out what I want.
Thanks, Wendy B – Texas

Shelby is a bright light that shines so strong that you cannot help but be changed in her presence! She listens and gives you exactly what you need in the moment and she is one powerful speaker with a beautiful message!
– November 15, 2010 – Wendy G. Young – Owner, Prosperity Postures Institute

I’ve known Shelby for a number of years, and have always been impressed not only with her commitment to making a positive difference – and the tools she uses to do so – but also the bright energy with which she does it. It’s not only empowering to work with her, but also fun.
– November 8, 2010 – Brad Yates, Personal Development Consultant

Shelby is one of the most dynamic, selfless, vivacious human beings I have ever known. Her perpetual positive attitude is infectious, her joie de vivre is exhilarating and her knowledge of business and relationship marketing is top notch. Anyone who wants to lift their business results and their spirits simultaneously would be hard pressed to find someone even remotely in Shelby’s league.
– November 6, 2010 – Andy O’Bryan

Shelby is a woman of her word, filled with integrity and the desire to serve others. She’s the real deal…
– November 5, 2010 – Toni LaMotta – Director, In-Lightened Enterprises, LLC

Shelby’s programs are spot-on. From her many successful years of experience in the sales field, Shelby offers tremendous insight and invaluable tools to help new and established business owners build their businesses and customer relationships through her simple and easy, step by step programs.
– Linda Forsyth –

It’s easy to think that we can make changes in our lives because, after all, we are the ones responsible for the outcomes in our lives. True, many issues can be simply resolved by proper thinking and effective action; however, when we keep running into the same obstacles and pressures seem to be mounting, that’s when we need to not only step back, but also get an outside perspective.

I became acquainted with Mind Magician Shelby Collinge many years ago through one of her authoritative teleseminars and, since then, have diligently kept her close at my side. Having purchased several of her products, I am familiar with her superior quality of work as well as quantity of valuable information. It wasn’t until recently that I had the extraordinary opportunity to have her work with me, one-on-one, which is where I discovered, first hand, her sincere desire and dedication to getting me the results I was struggling to obtain.

One of the best things that I absolutely love about Shelby is that she doesn’t wear gloves. What I mean by that is that she neither wears “kid gloves” and coddle you with false hopes and pie in the sky nonsense nor does she wear “boxing gloves” to beat you up and, for lack of a better word, blame you for the predicament you are in. She just tells you what you need to hear in a way that you can accept and put into action.
– November 5, 2010 – Neil Dhawan

Shelby is very high energy and has a great optimistic attitude. You will find that her knowledge and creative outlook will be very beneficial to moving your career, life and business to the next level. I give Shelby my highest recommendation and know you’ll enjoy working with her too.
– November 4, 2010 – Jon Behrens

I have had Shelby on my Protege call as a guest 3 times. She is a mindset master! Shelby has a unique gift to help people achieve at their best. She receives my highest recommendation.
– November 4, 2010 – Eric Lofholm

  I have tremendous respect for Shelby and her work in Perception University. She supports her hefty punch with a deep well of enthusiasm, experience and knowing. I love her no nonsense approach and rich array of choice approaches to any problem. She knows big change comes from core change. I certainly got exactly what I needed!
– November 4, 2010 – Roshanna Evans Creative Director, Spirit Bank Exchange

Shelby is a STAR player – one of the best Law Of Attraction coaches on the planet IMO. Her positive energy is endless and she always seems to be having a great day. If you get a chance to work with her – TAKE IT!
– November 4, 2010 – Bruce Muzik, Founder, Designer Life

Shelby has one of the the highest levels of confidence I’ve encountered in a long time, yet without a hint of arrogance. Her cut-to-the-bone information, insight, and immediate relevance can be almost overwhelming. She’s quick, and packed with powerful information. As a fellow coach, I simultaneously marveled at her technique and benefited from it in every instance. I highly recommend Shelby.
– November 3, 2010 – Tom Justin

Shelby is insightful and possesses a rare talent to ascertain the root of the challenge and the right direction to inspire the changes necessary to overcome the challenge. And, she’s a lot of fun to work with! Two thumbs up!
– November 4, 2010 – Sharyn Abbott

I attended a great guest presentation by Shelby For Eric Lofholm. I found her ideas, thoughts and presentation excellent. I would highly recommend an interaction with Shelby!
– August 6, 2010 – James Cahill

Shelby has been a positive influence on my personal and professional life! She is a dynamic, high energy, personable and gives you her expert advice and the tools necessary to overcome your personal and professional blockages. I adore her personally and professionally! You can’t go wrong with Shelby!!
– September 23, 2009 – Pamela Heyen

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