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Through Love, all pain will turn to medicine. - Rumi


We’re Only As Sick As Our Secrets.  Begin healing today.  Book your session now!

Suffering/Trust & Surrender

Are you suffering?  Do you TRUST the universe to provide for you?  Can you surrender to what is and ALLOW your pain to alchemicalize your soul?  Do you have goals that you make year after year or month after month and you can’t seem to ever reach them?  Choose from a session below.

Mindset & Belief Consulting

Looking for support in your life while going through ANY experience in ANY area that doesn’t seem to be going as planned or DESIRED?  Whether you’re mindset seems to be working against you or not, I’m a special confidant whom you can tell ANYTHING without fear of judgment or consequences.  Do you feel like you’re all ALONE with no one to turn to when things get tough and life seems uninspiring?  Choose from a session below.

Stress/Anxiety Management

Ever feel like you have FAR MORE on your plate than you can actually handle?  Do you feel like you may be at an emotional breaking point?  Choose from a session below.

Spiritual Advice

Feel like in your family or circle of friends that you personally are dealing with BIGGER challenges and frustrations and your peers just don’t understand you?  Need an ear to bounce ideas off of and gain clarity from ALL that life is showing you?  Choose from a session below.

My Approach

I’ve counseled, coached, trained and spoken in front of tens of thousands of individuals helping them identify limiting beliefs, unconscious stories and barriers to their success. I have a background and degree in Developmental Psychology, I’m a Certified Reiki Master and bring insights, intuition, energy, passion and inspiration unmatched by many.

My programs, events and personal services are unparalleled in offerings and new levels of consciousness and understanding. Together let’s explore the many insights and ideas I can bring you to make significant change in ANY area of your life.


How It Works

Choose Your Session

I’ve been guided to offer two options for my one on one sessions. Please select one of the session options below that feels best to you.  You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to schedule our time together.  Sessions are typically 30 or 60 minutes and are available via phone or web browser.  Sessions are recorded for repeat listening and DEEP soul growth and you can also download a transcription of our session.

Tell Your Truth

You KNOW how long you’ve been dealing with your current struggles, physical symptoms and frustrations.  You also have an idea of how you would truly LOVE to have some UNCONDITIONAL, powerful, soul healing, heart liberating AND results changing support. Let’s IDENTIFY what your TRUE energy blocks are!

Heal Your Soul

ANYONE can talk about their goals, right them down and maybe even be able to describe them.  However now you’ll have the energetic shifts, soul healing and SELF LOVE to achieve LASTING change.  We never deal with the same ‘issue’ twice.  There’s a truth of consciousness shift that occurs where you can no longer sabotage yourself in the same old, repetitive ways.  True shifts begin INSIDE and as proof change your results on the OUTSIDE. Soul liberation and healing is permanent and life changing.

(1) 30 Minute Session with the Empress

A single 30 minute recorded (both mp3 audio AND pdf transcript) phone session with Empress to be used ANY time over the next 90 days.  Session is scheduled online at a convenient time of your choosing.


(1) 60 Minute Session with the Empress

A single 60 minute recorded (both mp3 audio AND pdf transcript) phone session with Empress to be used ANY time over the next 90 days.  Session is scheduled online at a convenient time of your choosing.


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