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Aloha from Oahu Hawaii!!  😊  I have been waiting for the absolutely PERFECT time and topic to host a life purifying event here on Oahu.  So much has been happening in preparation, including securing a BREATH TAKINGLY lovely beach side area PERFECT for DEEP transformation and so CLOSE to the beautiful Hawaiian waters. 😉  Hosted on the West or Leeward side of the island which is home to the MOST beautiful beaches and surfing on the island.  You asked, and I dug deep (and continue to add to almost daily) for content focusing on:
* Mind Powers – If you’ve been on the spiritual path for ANY length of time, manifesting is a CORE teaching.  The act of offering makes manifesting look worthless.  This is a whole NEW way of allowing the divine to lead your life in a guided, trusting way.  This is a learning process of DEconstructing the ego mind.  You will also learn how to remover fear literally from you heart. Offering will open your life in MIRACULOUS way.
* Alchemy – this is the key to absolutely EVERYTHING.  The practice of alchemizing our thoughts and letting ourselves and others, but ESPECIALLY ourselves off the hook for our shortcomings, not to mention, turning troubles over to a higher power is SO critical.  Each of us have all kinds of beliefs and stories about ‘HOW’ life is/was supposed to go.  How we can do a better job at orchestrating life than the universe can and then wonder WHY life is difficult.  You’ll learn all NEW ways of using the power of mind alchemy in ANY/EVERY area of life.  It’s power will leave you astounded.  This one topic alone will transform your life in ALL areas.


*Aloha – There are things you want to say goodbye to.  Things you want to say hello to.  And things that you LOVE.  We want to focus on the MANY aspects of living Aloha in our everyday lives.   Learn the energy shifts to align easier and more frequently for LESS suffering and much more ease and peace in everyday life.  Being ocean side and with the help of vitamin sea, we’ll LIVE ALOHA.  You’ll embody those things you want more of.  LOVE what is working in your life and also LET GO of what no longer serves you at this time.



TRANSLATION: You have SO much untouched, unused, unnoticed POWER within yourself just dying to come out.  Literally dying if not being used.  I KNOW how to tap our minds and PURIFY the beliefs that are in the way.  My dream?  Is that you come to Oahu, attend this event and STEP UP into the person that’s calling you.  From the truth at your soul level you’re ready to Atone, Align and Allow your GREATNESS to shine!!!  😊


Event Specifics:


Day 1 – 9:30am – 4:30pm
Day 2 – 10:30am – 4:30pm
Day 3 – 10:30am – 4:30pm


Space IS LIMITED and on a first come, first served basis.  Event size will be intimate. Anywhere from 1-22.  Each event is also planned based on the FULL MOON cycle for the deepest core change possible.  So you will be on Oahu and purifying your soul DURING a full moon period that month.  Please know and expect that the absolute PERFECT people will be there to INSURE you have a life changing, negative belief abolishing and soul purifying experience.



What’s Included:


* Three Day Beach Side Live Workshop on THREE Consecutive Days based on the Full Moon Cycle during the event month.
* Beach time on secluded beach (before, during and after event)
* Lunch all three days
* Refreshments all three days
* Afternoon snack all three days
* All materials necessary (binder, hand outs, paper, pens, etc.) 
* One hour of recorded phone time with Shelby PRIOR to the live event
* Countless surprises and EXTRAS!! 😊
* 14 day and 30 day POST EVENT follow-up group tele-seminar sessions



BTW, we will be innovating the event format as well: in addition to thoughtful discussion, time to reconnect and release over 3 days of deep learning, there will be time to be alone if you wish, meditation and deep reflection.  I chose to host this event SEA SIDE so you can Get a Dose of Vitamin Sea throughout our three days together. 😊  The salty ocean air, sand and water is SO CLEANSING for your mind, body and spirit.  Hawaii has MANY magical powers.
So while I know there is a lot going on in life, I’m in this for the long haul!!  Part of this includes a 14 day AND 30 day POST EVENT follow up tele-seminar sessions with ALL participants so we can discuss ANY challenges that have come up since meeting in Hawaii and to make sure you’re GROUNDED in your new, higher vibration.  I’m announcing event details plenty of time in advance hoping this will feel good for those who like to plan ahead, get the BEST possible airfare and hotel prices as well for anyone whom a payment plan is helpful.

A final word…



I’m not going to be coy here – I AM (more on that later) somewhat superstitious, in an energetic way, about who registers for these two events.  So just know that should you choose to register, I deeply honour your trust.  My intent is to over deliver in every way and perhaps even to create a lasting change in how live gatherings are done.  😉
Without further ado. The humble unveiling for now:

“Mind Powers, Alchemy and Aloha!”



is now open for registration.
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July 15-17 2019
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Ewa Beach, HI | Oahu
1 payment of $3000
September 23- 25 2019
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Ewa Beach, HI | Oahu
1 payment of $3000


*Please Note*


Due to the small size of each event there will be NO refunds given.  In the event you’re unable to attend the event after registering, you will be given a credit to be used on products or services currently offered within on calendar year.


Should you be attending and have ANY physical needs or dietary restrictions or allergies, please email and let me know.


Mind Power Members receive a full 10% discount on ALL live events and online programs Shelby offers.  You MUST be a Mind Power Member PRIOR to using your discount.  There will be no credits given for those who become a Mind Power Member after purchasing a live event ticket or online program.

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