Are You Actually BELIEVING The Thoughts You Think??…………ALL 94,000+ a Day??  You Probably ARE and THAT’S a HUGE Burden!!


 ESPECIALLY if You Don’t Consciously REALIZE that 80%+ of Those Thoughts Consist of Shame, Guilt, Despair, Worry, Lack, Scarcity And All the LIES You’ve Believed About Yourself and Your Ability to ‘Fit In’ with Life.


 With my Psychology Background and 15+ Years Experience I HAD to Do Something. I Created my Mind Powers Program, The Most Trusted Mindset Seminary Combined with Spirituality, and a Quantum Physics Approach On the Planet.

 ALOHA Results Seeker,


I remember when this company I now run, Limitless Possibilities, Inc was conceived shortly after dreaming, doing and executing a VERY successful corporate gift giving business.  I had just quit my HUGELY successful 10+ year High Tech Corporate America Sales Job in the middle of the fourth quarter of a what-could-be my BEST sales quarter of my ENTIRE career.  With 10+ years of a male dominated corporate culture I was literally DYING to make and be surrounded by pink frilly bows and ANYTHING girly.  So I started Shelby’s Sensational Gifts with my expert selling expertise on board and I was on FIRE.


The more it grew and the more orders I sold, the more I HATED it. I had created a HUGE job that was 100% labor intensive. And here I had just left the corporate world as a HUGELY successful sales rep who was only working about 20 hours a week. And now I had created a job that I could NEVER keep up with. It was a disaster.


I had to go ‘back to basics’ and REMEMBER what I knew how to do. To BE successful no matter what. I’ve ALWAYS had to move through HUGE setbacks. I was (and still am) a single mother who never received even ONE DOLLAR of child support or public assistance of ANY kind. I was female in almost an all male dominated world. I bought my first house at 19 years old. I’ve been an entrepreneur online now for OVER 14+ years.

I’ve been there and done that and I’m MADE to walk my talk EVERY single day. Today, more than ever, there is a HUGE OPEN GATE for business that has been opened by a new level of consciousness for those who will believe. I won’t sell a quick and easy pipe dream. I won’t train people to chase fantasies and think you’ll have DRAMATIC changes in only 7 days…..but I WILL show you daily, weekly and monthly how to CHANGE what you’re saying, believing, affirming and EXPECTING to get the results you keep talking about and literally KEEPING from yourself.


We need YOU to stand up, step up, get into agreement with the fact that for things to change for you, YOU need to change. Are you ready??  If You Can’t Love It, Learn From It, Make Peace With It, Gain Strength From It or Find Joy In It…. The Time Has Come to LET IT GO!!  Will you say YES to the vision? Or will you put it off another year, another month, even another week until things are more perfect and your wallet is more full (which they never will be!)…….

Balls in YOUR court!

I have an enlightening message I really want you think about.  See if it rings true for you…………..As a society we’ve learned to update material things like cell phones, our calling plans, our email addresses, our Facebook statuses even our hair styles and wardrobes and yet we don’t update what we BELIEVE.   We’re still trying to make the beliefs that mom and dad and grandma and grandpa gave us (although we were willing participants) true in 2017.  Can you phathom that?  Can you explain WHY you would want to do this.  Especially, BY CHOICE..!!??


I mean really think about that for a moment…………what still works TODAY in 2017 that worked the EXACT same way in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s??  Can you think of even ONE thing??  You can’t.  Life changes.  It upgrades.  It updates.  And unfortunately  What I KNOW FOR SURE is you have not been keeping up on the belief updating and REPLACING necessary to lay the foundation required to support your 2017 dreams, desires and goals.  THIS is where I come in!


I have a degree in developmental psychology.  I had an EXTRAORDINARIALY ULTRA SUCCESSFUL 10+ year career in high tech sales.  I’ve owned my own business for almost 15 years.  I’ve been a single mother going on 25 years.  I have BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.  I have faced HARD and DIFFICULT times and HARD life lessons!!  Literally!!!  As a result, over the last 14+ years in my business, countless people have asked me HOW to apply this concept of ‘changing the way we think’ to daily life in PRACTICAL ways: for example in relationships, career advancement and work success, attaining personal health and fitness, true lasting business success, easy recurring abundance on all levels, personal loss and everything else you can think of.  So let me ask you a very personal question………….  And really THINK about your answer(s).

Have you been getting the same UNDESIRABLE results and the SAME repeating circumstances again and again in one or more area(s) of your life for as long as you can remember??  My Mind Powers Program is the key to getting NEW lasting results!  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got.  Only YOU can change your results. ONLY YOU!!!

What about repeatedly being unsatisfied with life in one or more areas? Maybe you feel like you’re struggling to manifest results that are better and satisfying. Possibly you feel powerless to change things and have them last. Or maybe you’ve just succumbed to SETTLING for less than desirable results.


Ever felt like the whole world is more in charge of changing your life than you are?  Like you’re at the whim of what others will or won’t do and so you end up feeling powerless to really make ANY lasting change.  Or maybe you feel like it’s just no use.  If you change no one around you will and you’ll just end up reverting back to your old ways.


Ever feel ALONE in your struggles to stay positive and on track?  Most think they’re the ONLY one who has ever dealt with difficult times.  Words don’t teach, it’s life EXPERIENCE that teaches.  And we can’t skate around navigating our own personal course.  I like to say……mastery of life is to be UNBOTHERABLE.  Now think………how much can YOU be bothered??  And as such, how much you have you got left to learn?  ;-D


Thought to REALLY think about…………………..There’s NOBODY out there like you, so get over trying to be like everyone else, and once and for all, peacefully and authentically BE YOU!!!

HI Shelby,

I just want to thank you for your inspirations and enlightened thinking.  Your approach is accessible through clear explanations and unique expressions.  I chose you above all the other gurus to help focus my thoughts, to provide clarity and understanding. This is why I invested in your ‘Mind Powers Program’.
Mary - Sydney, Australia

Hi Shelby!

Thank you SO much!! Loving this recording!!! And great things are happening I’ve been saying no to low budget jobs and have been getting great higher rates! And worked with Rock Legend Alice Cooper last weekend!!

And the next 2 days I’m working on a music video where me & my beauty team I hired are the ONLY ones getting paid apart from the main starts out of everyone in the crew!! And I’m getting my ideal rate I asked for, the producer didn’t even ask me to lower my rate!! He said he only wants me because I’m the best!! Pretty miraculous!!


Phoebe - California, United States

Hey Shelby,

About time I gave you an update on the journey.. Wow it’s been transforming.
One of the most profound discoveries is that I had this belief ” Life is too hard..” wow how’s that for setting yourself up with blocks.

I really feel discovering this has been life changing in itself & all the beliefs stem from it. It’s been interesting to review my life & see where these beliefs come from & how they’ve affected my life to date. Has been amazing to realize how unfounded & untrue some of them are & in doing so they slip away just like that. How freeing that is. Sometimes I’ve found myself dumbfounded by the truth & how simple it was & how the evidence was right there staring me in the face & I couldn’t see it. Interesting to see how invested in our life story we are & upon reviewing it we see it with new perspectives & get to ask if some of what we believed or happened is really true…

All in all I would say that I have opened & shifted in to a new space that allows life to come easier to me. I feel more relaxed & at ease. Have more confidence in myself & my abilities & are more trusting of life & the Universe. I’m noticing more of what i’m thinking & feeling & seeing how those manifest in my life. I’m letting go of some big stuff & so feel much lighter.
Thank you, thank you, thank you..
Here’s to more fun, abundance, love & learning..
Your grateful student..
Jo xxx - New Zealand

Hi Shelby!!!!

I’ve been on your email list for a while now and finally took the leap!  Why Mind Powers Program?

Because I am ready to let go of all the limiting beliefs and change my mindset and reach all my goals and have my life take off and you seem like the right guide to help me navigate the path.
Kelli - Boston, United States

The Choice is Simple.....


Have you ever or DO you ever experience:


  • Self Doubt which keeps you from reaching higher and putting yourself out there

  • Taking things personally so that you always end up upset and with hurt feelings

  • Worry (and more worry than you feel is healthy)

  • Panic about current problems, struggles or setbacks and what to do next on your path

  • Fear (whether it be crying, depression, loneliness, failure to commit, etc.)

  • Lack of Support (physical friends or confidants)

  • Time Issues (not enough, it runs out, can’t complete all tasks)

  • Inconsistent Money Flow (lack of cash flow, clients, consistent income or from unexpected sources)

  • Self Worth Issues (charging enough, allowing your good, speaking your truth, accepting help)

  • Self Deprecating Behavior (repeating self denial, self sabotage, punishing oneself to suffer constantly)

  • Not Being Good Enough (in your career, relationships, goal achievement, parenting, etc.)

  • Being Spiritually Bankrupt (no long term peace of mind, inner critic that won’t quiet down)


Now’s the time YOU grab conscious control of your mind and, once and for all.  It’s time to get to the bottom of your mental dramas, chronic negative, self defeating thought habits.  It’s time to REMOVE limiting belief addictions that keep you from having it ALL and keep you repeating the same life experience cycles again and again!  Sound familiar??


Did you know you’re literally sleeping with the enemy.  And that enemy (to your success and happiness) is YOU!!!


What you learn (well basically UNlearn) in this program will challenge, disrupt and interrupt much of what you have previously believed, practiced and thought to be ‘reality’. As such… once you step on the spiritual plane of creating you can’t go back to the ‘old’ way of living. You know too much! By enrolling in this program you’re making a conscious commitment to move to and experience the next level of spiritual creating and manifesting your experience. It means letting go of what hasn’t served you and allowing something brand new to enter and be experienced.  Are you ready????


You’re NOT ALONE.  Many think dealing with the negative chatter will cause more of it, but it’s just the OPPOSITE!!  The more you DIG UP and HEAL the old outdated thoughts, the better life gets!!  It’s truly a priceless process that reaps HUGE dividends in ALL areas of life!!


Here We Go!!! What's Included:


  • weekly one hour program call
  • mp3 recording of each call
  • Attend via phone, web browser or skype
  • Daily Drop of Inspiration – via email
  • Online Member Forum Q&A Column – Get Answers Fast!!
  • Instant Online Access to Member Forum (including past
    call archives, online program calendar, video library and more!)
  • BONUS material in member forum (no longer publicly available)
  • monthly Q&A call with recording
  • ability to ask unlimited questions
  • 20% discount off future programs and offerings

I look forward to sharing with you how to UNLEASH your unlimited mind potential.  You’ll be completely BLOWN AWAY with that you can achieve FAR MORE EASILY than you are right now!!!  Come join us!



BIG HUGE ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,





Shelby Collinge

**Please Note**


**Monthly membership is guaranteed at LEAST 48 live sessions per year.  Shelby does reserve the right to cancel up to (4) four weekly live sessions per year due to scheduling conflicts, holidays and/or personal vacation days.**

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