Is there an area or two in your life where after DECADES of trying, you STILL can’t seem to get that big MH__9718ebreakthrough you’ve been hoping for??  Maybe it’s a success plateau, no savings to fall back on in case of an emergency, physical body symptoms, bad luck finding the perfect relationship, non-existent career satisfaction, financial stresses, or even the inability to RELAX and detach from the outcome.

There’s two things I know to be true…..

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  2. If you knew what beliefs were holding you back, you’d change them!!


Being as though these situations STILL exist in your life, there HAS to be a belief (or two or twenty) that you believe, that’s contradicting your results.  UNTIL you actually SEE, address and change these beliefs, your results won’t change.  Unfortunately most people have NO IDEA exactly which limiting beliefs are hanging them up.  Combine my intuition, psychology background and a LIFETIME of doing this work and I DO!!!!  I know EXACTLY where you’re hanging yourself up and it’s NOT what you think.


THIS is precisely where my Mindset Matters Program comes in!!!


At the perfect time, twice every month, you will receive hours of PRIZED mind shifting audios from my coveted archives, sent directly to your in-box for your immediate download and enjoyment.  Over the years I have created many, MANY incredibly life changing audio programs.  From radio to interviews to home study courses I literally have a plethora (literally hundreds and hundreds) of FABULOUS content in every form you can imagine.  I’m now putting all of that delicious information to excellent use in the creation of my Mindset Matters Program.


I’m literally opening up my private vaults, treasure chests and personal archives and resurrecting the BEST OF THE BEST materials I have EVER offered.  And with an arsenal of over ELEVEN years to draw upon you know the content I share will be LIFE CHANGING!!!


After much thoughtful thinking and meditating I have concluded that my Mindset Matters Program would be the most fabulous way to share with you all the mind shifting goodies I have to offer and at the PERFECT dose!!  The longer you stay a member, the more insightful and life changing the audios become.  I have always wanted to create a program JUST like this!!!  It’s only taken me eleven years to pull it together and I’m THRILLED to pieces to be offering it the public at this time for the INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE OF ONLY $68 a month!!

Instant Download

Twice every month I will personally send you INSTANT downloadable links to my mind shifting products conveniently to your email in-box.  No waiting and  And to keep things very exciting………Each month’s product top and selection will be a total SURPRISE until you receive it!!  This is the PERFECT program if you’re NEW to my work and the POWERFUL results it delivers!!  

……………….. This is also the
ONLY way to get access to these TWO powerful hours of audios, LIVE monthly Q&A session AND LIVE monthly online chat session!!   I don’t even offer Q&A sessions OR individual audios to the public!!!


Twice a month you will receive (AT LEAST TWO HOURS WORTH) of audios on topics like:


  • Business Growth (inside-out approach)
  • Money
  • Changing Physical Reality
  • Manifesting
  • Aligning Your Energy
  • Releasing Guilt
  • Improving Your Results
  • Allowing MORE Happiness
  • Getting RESULTS
  • Taking 100% Responsibility
  • Attracting Positive relationships
  • Releasing Fear


-the list goes ON and  ON!!!!


“Yes, Shelby, I’d like to join your Mindset Masters Program for ONLY $68 a month!”


I understand my membership payment is $68.00 per month to receive invaluable manifesting secrets and transformational mentoring from Shelby Collinge.  I acknowledge my credit card/paypal account will be automatically charged the current member rate of $68 once every 30 days.

Join Now for ONLY $68 Monthly

Again NONE of the mind shifting audio programs you receive in my Mindset Matters Program are available on my website or anywhere else.  Included in this program are  ALL private never-before-offered audios!!   Twice a month I will PERSONALLY choose what product(s) you will receive.  You will receive your monthly 60+ minute selections discreetly in your email box on the perfect day TWICE A MONTH!!  Be sure to OPEN, download and LISTEN to each one hour program as soon as is convenient to INSURE you allow your solutions to arrive in a TIMELY manner.  With my intuition as my guide each audio program is chosen with YOU in mind.  I promise…….. this program WILL deliver solutions for the problems you’re dealing with!!  And remember you can always ASK questions!!!


LISTEN to these life changing audios,
then WATCH how quickly your life HEALS
for the better in UNIMAGINED WAYS!!!


Imagine for a moment how much EASIER things could be if you had access to personal FEEDBACK aboutMindset Masters important life decisions and choices.  I will help you with ANYTHING that isn’t working in your life.   Any  area is fair game.   After all……’s ALL beliefs.


EACH audio selection is chosen especially for YOU twice a month and is at LEAST an hour in length!!! ($99 value)  Using the power of my intuition I tune directly into YOUR thoughts and feelings and choose the PERFECT product to move you forward spiritually.  Join NOW for the INCREDIBLE MONTHLY PRICE OF ONLY $68 and literally SEE what I mean!!!

This is a hugely AFFORDABLE option to get access to this never-before-offered content.  I always over deliver and want to make a promise that you will LOVE the quality of the content you receive.

Monthly Benefits of my Mindset Matters Program


  • (2) 60+ minute audios a month to uncover and remove the mental limitations and beliefs holding you back!  ($99 value!)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Call in a round table setting for deeper answers and insights!  (PRICELESS VALUE!!)
  • Monthly LIVE CHAT Session available for 60 full minutes for you to ASK questions and GET ANSWERS!!  (PRICELESS VALUE!!)
  • You’ll IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE a 60+min BONUS audio to get you started right now!!  ($47 value!)
  • And on top of all this, you’re grandfathered in at your sign-up rate, even if I eventually succumb to all the advice I’m getting to substantially raise it. (PRICELESS VALUE!!)
  • Join right now, at the lowest membership rates available……….
  • Cancel ANY time.  No time commitments.  Stay for as little or as long as you like. (although it DOES get better with time.  ;-D )
  • Extra benefits being added ALL the time.


Membership is billed every month on the same day to make it super easy.  You can cancel at ANY time.


“Yes, Shelby, I’d like to join your Mindset Masters Program for ONLY $68 a month!”


I understand my membership payment is $68.00 per month to receive invaluable manifesting secrets and transformational mentoring from Shelby Collinge.  I acknowledge my credit card/paypal account will be automatically charged the current member rate of $68 once every 30 days.

Join Now for ONLY $68 Monthly


I promise you each and every audio program you receive WILL change your vibration, energy, results AND life from the INSIDE out!!  Get READY!!!


My aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with your Mindset Matters Program purchase.  If for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the program, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your enrollment about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use toward on any purchase from my website.


Please note since ALL the above audio programs are instantly digitally downloadable, no refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

I look forward to working with YOU!!!

Shelby Collinge, Thought Expert










BIG Hugs!!!
Shelby Collinge

P.S. You may have noticed the price for this program is surprisingly reasonable, especially when compared to many other offerings in the marketplace. This is in keeping with the fact that I want these mind shifting ideas to be accessible to every forward thinking person.

Please, please don’t underestimate the power of this material to significantly and permanently change your life because the price point is affordable.  Join Now!!!


Not sure how to download your audios?

There are 2 ways that you can download your monthly audios:

Option 1: Left-click the download button. This will automatically download the file to the download folder that has been specified in your browser. This might be your Desktop, a ‘Downloads’ folder, or some other folder.Option 2: Right-click the download button and choose ‘Save Link As’. Then you’ll be able to select the folder that you wish to download the file to. You will see a menu that looks similar to below:


   On a Windows Computer                   On a Macintosh Computer


**Please Note** the exact wording on the right-click menu may be slightly different based on your browser


**** Please also note **** For your convenience you will be billed $68 every 30 days. Cancel anytime by calling my office at  (702) 609-9762 or by simply emailing us at:


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