You Came In to The Tribe to Leave It……..


Satsang is an important aspect of spiritual practice in a seeker’s spiritual journey. This is especially true when it comes to LIVING and practicing the truth of true SPIRITuality (not just knowing it).  To be able to adhere to these truths as a daily habit, way of BEing and default for life ESPECIALLY during stressful times is true FREEDOM. Satsang is an opportunity to sit in these truths every week for deeper soul learning and to more fully integrate this knowing into ALL areas of our lives.


Satsangs are EVERY Tuesday at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  They are done via web VIDEO conference.  You can also join via phone or your web browser.  These satsangs ARE RECORDED and available to all satsang members immediately after our session ends.


Satsangs are 30 minutes of content and then LIVE Q&A up to 30 minutes.


Membership is conveniently month to month only (stay as long as you like) and there is also a private chat group available to all members (online group is completely OPTIONAL and not on FB).  It’s accessible on ALL devices and platforms for posting, asking, sharing, teaching and learning.


We will discuss in MANY different topics how to achieve Samadhi (the ABSENCE of inner resistance to what is) during each and every session. We will awaken your own inner knower and the TRUE NATURE of your soul.  A part of you that TRUSTS the process of life unfolding and KNOWS that you’re guided by a divine intellect.  Weekly satsangs are a way to free yourself from your inner patters and the restrictive conditions YOU’ve placed on yourself.


The intent being to achieve inner peace IRRESPECTIVE of circumstance.   To be able to drop inner resistance to ALL changing phenomena WITHOUT EXCEPTION.  So that our inner freedom is not contingent on the outer world OR appearances.  The mind is a FABULOUS tool WHEN it’s in service to the heart.  The mind makes a good servant but a POOR master!!


Join when it feels right and leave when it feels right.  This is a choice to awaken to the MATRIX of life.  ALL new members will receive THREE full days of email coaching with me upon joining.  (NEW members only on the FIRST enrollment only).  This will jump start the awakening process in a very PERSONAL way.


**PLEASE NOTE** Shortly after joining you’ll receive a PERSONAL email from me with details for our next online get together, directions for redeeming your three days of email coaching AND information to join our private online group (if you choose).

From then on all communication will be via email and our private online group.  If you have ANY questions, please ASK me I’m here to support you 100%!!

LIVE Weekly Video Satsangs Every Tuesday at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern.More Info Please!!