ALOHA!!!  I’m Shelby Collinge and I’m SOOOO glad you found your way to this program.  I teach individuals like YOU, how to become CONSCIOUS of the story they’re using that’s KEEPING them from what they want!!!



There is NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING than seeing people around you that are FAR less competent, friendly, charming, street smart or WILLING than you, doing better and achieving the successes that YOU desire to achieve.  Not only the successes you desire but the successes you DESERVE and are MEANT to experience!!  Can’t you relate to this?  Have you had this experience before?  I can almost see you shaking your head.  I KNOW you have.


As a society we’ve learned to update material things like cell phones, our calling plans, our email addresses, our Facebook statuses even our hair styles and yet we don’t update what we BELIEVE.


Your thoughts create your beliefs.  Your beliefs create your mindsets.  Your mindsets create your HABITS.  And your habits (physically and mentally) create your RESULTS.


The mass consciousness as a whole, doesn’t upgrade, doesn’t deliberately choose, heck we don’t even think about what we believe, and our beliefs control EVERYTHING. Then we wonder why we try and try to achieve or manifest something new and different and can’t. We’re caught smack dab in the middle of the ‘I have to see it before I believe it’ loop.




I have a degree in developmental psychology.  I had an EXTRAORDINARIALY ULTRA SUCCESSFUL 10+ year career in high tech sales.  I’ve been a single mother going on 25 years.  I have BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.  I have faced HARD and DIFFICULT times and HARD life lessons!!  Literally!!!  As a result, over the last 14+ years in my business, countless people have asked me HOW to apply this concept of ‘changing the way we think’ to daily life in PRACTICAL ways: for example in relationships, career advancement and work success, attaining personal health and fitness, true lasting business success, easy recurring abundance on all levels, personal loss and everything else you can think of.  So let me ask you a very personal question………….  And really THINK about your answer(s).

Have you ever or DO you ever experience:


  • Self Doubt

  • Worry (and more worry than you feel is healthy)

  • Panic about what to do next on your path (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)

  • Fear (whether it be finances, your abilities, your skills, etc.)

  • Lack of Support (physical friends or confidants)

  • Time Issues (not enough, it runs out, can’t complete all tasks)

  • Inconsistent Money Flow (lack of cash flow, clients, consistent income or from unexpected sources)

  • Self Worth Issues (charging enough, allowing your good, speaking your truth, accepting help)

  • Self Deprecating Behavior (repeating self denial, self sabotage, punishing oneself to suffer constantly)

  • Not Being Good Enough (in your career, relationships, goal achievement, parenting, etc.)

  • Being Spiritually Bankrupt (no long term peace of mind, inner critic that won’t quiet down)

This is why you’ve been called to be here……


This program addresses ALL of your repeating life dramas and sagas and mentally UNtangles all of the cords of limitations you’ve been using!!  ALL of them.  EVERY single issue and setback you can think of or experience IS covered in our weekly sessions.  Because there is no dress rehearsal for life, we cover these mental dramas in setbacks in DEPTH.  As I’m sure you’ve experienced, you don’t get a practice run.  Or two.  Or four.  We’re LIVE.  Like it or not.  And the bottom line is…… have to go there in the mind, before you go there in the body!!

Now’s the time YOU grab conscious control of your mind and, once and for all, get to the bottom of your mental dramas, chronic thought habits and limiting belief addictions that keep you from having it ALL and keep you repeating the same life experience cycles again and again!  Sound familiar??

What you learn (well basically UNlearn) in this program will challenge, disrupt and interrupt much of what you have previously believed, practiced and thought to be ‘reality’. As such… once you step on the spiritual plane of creating you can’t go back to the ‘old’ way of living. You know too much! By enrolling in this program you’re making a conscious commitment to move to and experience the next level of spiritual creating and manifesting your experience. It means letting go of what hasn’t served you and allowing something brand new to enter and be experienced.  Are you ready????

You’re NOT ALONE.  Many think dealing with the negative chatter will cause more of it, but it’s just the OPPOSITE!!  The more you DIG UP and HEAL the old outdated thoughts, the better life gets!!  It’s truly a priceless process that reaps HUGE dividends in ALL areas of life!!

Program Membership Includes :




– LIVE WEEKLY 60 minute group session Tuesdays at 12pm pacific/3pm eastern to uncover and discuss the mental limitations and beliefs holding you back!  (truly priceless!)




– Participate LIVE in each member session via phone, your web browser OR Skype. You choose what’s most convenient for you!!  (priceless!)




– Two email reminders for each weekly session to keep you motivated and up to date. (super convenient!)




– Text message reminders if you need them when you register weekly you can choose to have a text reminder sent.  (super convenient!)




– Online Member Forum one centralized online convenient place for all member materials and instructions. ($497 value!)




– Online Member Calendar of Events  lists all member activities for the month to keep you up to date.  (super convenient!)




– Online Forum Call Archives listen to past calls for hours and hours of instant listening in our online member forum.  (truly priceless!)




– I teach on a NEW topic during EVERY 60 minute weekly session. Learn brand NEW ways of looking at problems and setbacks to actually LEARN how to make life LESS of struggle.  (priceless!)




– Special advance notice and 20% Discount for full members gives advantages for all live workshops, programs and upcoming events! (priceless!)




– Submit your personal questions ANY time 24X7 to a private and confidential email address  ($250 value!)




– Ability to download EVERY audio twice to any devices of your choosing!!  (priceless!)




– Daily Drop of Inspiration sent right to your in-box!! Read an uplifting thought every morning to set your tone for the day and keep you and your mindset on track!  ($197 value!)




– Monthly Personal Email Question WITH Answer every month of membership you can email me AND receive a personal answer to move forward quickly in your life.  ($150 value!)




– Monthly Call-In Personal Mentoring every month for one hour I answer a private number (that you’ll receive via email) and PERSONALLY mentor you on ANY issue for 5-7 minutes.  ($250 value!)




– Weekly Mind Power Phone Message available every Monday to call in and listen to for a pick me up, quick inspiration or burst of energy! (leave a vm there too with your questions and frustrations!!)  ($97 value!)




– Mp3 download link of EACH weekly session available usually the same day within hours!  ($120 value!)

About Our Live Weekly Group Sessions…..





The weekly sessions are the cornerstone of this program. I find they are a fabulous way to help people quickly and concisely with setbacks, struggles and limiting beliefs. Topics are prepared (although not pu-iconshared in advance) for each call and questions can be submitted at any time 24 x 7 to a private email address.  All weekly group sessions are conducted via ‘webinar’ style.  This means you can attend via telephone, Iphone, Android or web browser which is very convenient for out-of-the-country attendees.  Please don’t stress yourself out about attending the weekly group sessions live if you have a conflict. If you can attend live, FABULOUS. If not, you can listen to the recordings at your convenience.






 A few important details……..




  • Weekly group calls are held Tuesdays at 12pm PST / 3pm EST.


  • Having technical problems enrolling or questions about anything? Please send them to us at [email protected] and we’ll get you answers as quickly as we can.


  • All group calls are recorded and all questions are answered anonymously during our weekly sessions.  Feel free to submit ANY/ALL questions that may come to mind.


  • Additional details and information will be included in your welcome email.




  • All memberships will automatically renew monthly or yearly on the same day to make it convenient.

I look forward to sharing with you how to UNLEASH your metal potential.  You’ll be completely BLOWN AWAY with that you can achieve FAR MORE EASILY than you are right now!!!  Come join us!




BIG HUGE ALOHA Hugs Coming Your Way,


Shelby Collinge




A little bit about Me…….



Meet Shelby Collinge, President and CEO of Limitless Possibilities, Inc., an organization founded to serve the needs of individuals who are looking to accept 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that’s happening in their lives,hence being able to change ANYTHING, create ANYTHING and experience ANYTHING. Shelby provides incredibly valuable insights and knows what it takes to succeed. She can help you breakthrough those barriers and get on with living life at a higher level by leveraging her own personal experience in working with thousands of people over the course of her career.


Shelby brings a plethora of expertise and knowledge from her ‘personal experience arsenal’ while working with clients individually one-on-one, corporate clients as well as with her consulting clients.  The skill set Shelby brings make her an extremely comprehensive and powerful tool for individuals and organizations looking to make substantial and exorbident result shifting changes and make them LAST!!


But what makes Shelby so different from most other professionals in the market today is that she walks her talk!!!


Shelby lives on the island of Oahu Hawaii, holds a degree in Psychology, is a published author, an expert in online and email marketing and personally mentored over 3,000 clients. She has been featured in many successful magazine columns for magazines and organizations including Succeed Magazine, Mentors Magazine, Success University, SuccessTalk, Healthy Wealthy n Wise, SelfGrowth and many more.




Limitless Possibilities


**Please Note**
**Monthly membership is guaranteed at LEAST 48 live sessions per year.  Shelby does reserve the right to cancel up to (4) four weekly live sessions per year due to scheduling conflicts, holidays and/or personal vacation days.**
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