How Can Thought Coaching Help You?

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Do you keep REPEATING the same problem filled life experience patterns (physically and emotionally) again and again?? If so, that all changes now that you’ve met me!

Believe it or not I LOVE problems. BIG or small I SOLVE them all!!! I’ll intuitively share a mindfully CONSCIOUS perspective with you that will unlock the grip of your problems and liming patterns.

Words don’t teach. It’s life experience that teaches. If something is hurting you, INVESTIGATE it. It’s here to teach you something about yourself that you’re ready to transform.


Thought Coaching Sessions Include:


  1. 60 minuted recorded private video OR phone session (you choose).thought coaching, shelby collinge, thought expert, mindset coaching, changing the way i think, changing the way you think, mentoring and coaching, changing your mind, liimiting beliefs,
  2. Downloadable recording of session for repeat playback and self mastery.
  3. Safe space to discuss ANY topic on ANY area(s) of life.
  4. Receiving guidance and advice during our time together.
  5. Healing of your limiting beliefs, self imposed limitations and derogatory self talk.
  6. 100% confidentiality.
  7. A brand new perspective on how to view your situation(s) for the empowerment, learning and personal stability only THEY can provide.
  8. A clean slate from which to move forward on.
  9. Custom processes and tools as needed to permeate the feeling of success while releasing the feelings and emotions that no longer serve you.
  10. A new found mental PEACE around the topic of and while thinking about your past most painful ‘situations’.
  11. 100% non judgement.
  12. One follow up email (within three (3) days) from our session to ask any questions that may have surfaced.
Thought Coaching Sessions Currently Available
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